When I think of the Oscars — and by the Oscars I mean the red carpet leading into Kodak Theatre — the only dress I have ever remembered is the pink Givenchy that Cate Blanchett wore last year — it was amazing! I’m not really a follower of celebrities and there dealings, but I do follow the award shows.

That being said, I decided to do my Oscars homework, and look into past red carpet fashions and current runway trends to predict what we might see (and what I’d like to see) on the stars this year.

It seems the most obvious/common /I-can’t-take-a-chance-on-anything-choice is a red dress a lá Valentino, or maybe a nude number. If you’re going for any other color then red, it’s going to be jewel tones, almost always. Like, is there some weird stylist Oscars guide book stating those basic things that must repeat year after year, and you must not stray?! But since it’s 2012, and the world is ending (huh…yeah right Mayan calendar), my hopes are higher. Maybe people will get a lil crazy and branch out.

Some of my most favourite trends that I saw on the runway, that I’m hoping will crossover (fingers crossed) had snake, crocodile or reptile prints in amazing greens, browns, blacks and earth tones. Totally hoping we’ll see someone sporting it via Armani Prive or Givenchy Couture. Also, I still love fringe and fringe dresses — here’s to hoping it will hang on for one more round. Feathers will probs be around too, though they could have dropped off a while ago, and it would have been fine by me! Still there are some great ones out there.

Spring had a lot of rad dresses that seemed rather simple, but had some amazing sculptural additions, usually on the hip or asymmetric. It would be great to see some seasoned starlet in something like that, simple, but still super interesting and chic. I’m looking at you Cate, Tilda and one of you Fannings to really bring some chic, but interesting style to this years awards. I want to see embellishments and open shoulders — think Armani Prive S/S 2012 ladies. Happy Oscars!