Come mid-October, All Hallows’ Eve begins lurking around, employing Friday the 13th television marathons and ghoul-faced pumpkins to remind us of the need to find the perfect costume for the many fancy dress parties we have penciled in around the end of the month

When selecting a costume, pocket change and one’s knack for DIY projects affects the end choice, as much so as which pop icon has you Googling their name for signature looks. For those that shudder from sewing machines and who would also rather save their duckets for wardrobe items that have a longer lifespan than a mayfly, we’ve put together a few costume ideas inspired by our favourite women—costumes we guarantee will go further in sparking quality conversation (i.e. chats with strangers that don’t start with “Baby…”) than any naughty nurse ensemble could ever rouse. Bonus: these costumes happen to be an assemblage of FW16 tend staples.

Happy trick or treating!

Stylish Halloween Costumes-2016
When it comes to Archie’s one true love, it’s Betty over Veronica every day of the week. To get our favourite Riverdale gal’s style, stick with the comic’s classic imagining of the character and put together a ‘50s sock hop look with simple girl-next-door charm, clinched with understated pieces, like these faux suede leggings from Reitmans. Varsity jackets are always on trend (particularly this season, with takes on the casual outerwear piece from the likes of 3.1 Phillip Lim and Rag & Bone), and Roots just happens to sport the same letter as Riverdale’s finest. Go Betty!

Stylish Halloween Costumes-2016

As vibrant in creative spirit as she was in fashion sense, painter Frida Kahlo is a popular source of inspiration for the kombucha lot come Halloween (and of course Queen Bey disciples). Skip spending money on costume-y boho pieces for this look, and instead invest in a graphic printed dress that will see you through the holiday party season. (FYI: this dress from Reiss would be ideal for a New Year’s Eve cocktail party.) Should the dress you select be shorter or more of a slim fit, simply pair with a long a-line skirt to achieve a more authentic Frida look.

Stylish Halloween Costumes-2016

With a ticket to tonight’s fourth annual Hush Hush party in support of Toronto Public Library hot in hand, where the theme is heroes and villains, we can’t help but have capes and tights on the brain, and so, we’re feeling especially inspired to advocate going vintage comic book styles this Halloween. Thanks to Gal Gadot’s gorgeous revitalization of the character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the upcoming Wonder Woman and Justice League series of films, you can expect to bump into more than one Wonder Woman haunting the party circuit this year. What’s the secret to standing out? Leave the pleather at home. While it would be easy to opt going the “sexy” superhero route with this one, we recommend playing up Wonder Woman’s cool girl vibe and going a little less literal with this costume. And, since we’re already obsessed with Zara’s “Comic Meets Denim 2” collection (currently in stores), in our books, nabbing a Wonder Woman tee for your costume from here is a wise investment, that’s sure to look mighty handsome with a red-hued scarf pinned to the back of it. As for the wondrous crown and set of cuffs our caped heroine is known for, those items can be purchased via various Etsy vendors or whipped up at home with the help of a scroll through Pinterest.

Stylish Halloween Costumes-2016
Martha Gellhorn’s writing career is legendary, and the woman herself was a force of nature. Given the rather high likelihood of you being sandwiched amidst throngs of party-goers dressed in outfits both too-tight and too-short at whatever Halloween soirée you attend, donning a costume that pays homage to a remarkable woman is an easy way to separate yourself from the herd; plus, you get to pick up a Victorian style sweater (like this one from Club Monaco) for your closet, a must-have piece with brands including Isabel Marant popularizing the trend. Granted, due to the dominance of khaki tones and the Hunter boots in this costume, it’s possible that many will mistake you for a run-of-the-mill English huntsman or even an equestrian, but… what better way to start a conversation than by explaining the inspiration behind this very original guise.

Stylish Halloween Costumes-2016

As much as we adore Jem, we’ve always had a soft spot for those trouble-loving Misfits hounding her—there’s just something about their glam rock fashion sensibility that tugs at our heart strings. When putting together this look, there’s no need to make yourself up Broadway style. Instead, think of it more like you’re getting ready for a black tie event that happens to have a rocker theme: think Met Gala circa 2013, “PUNK: Chaos to Couture.” The key to this costume is brightly coloured clothing, and what better complement to a statement colour than a metallic sheen—a top trend this season, particularly when paired with plissé pleating, as seen in this dress by H&M. (May we suggest opting for a green dress as an ode to the band’s lead singer, Pizzazz?) To finish off this look, layer on a structural piece—loud with graphics—and then draw on a bit of rocker warpaint over the face…the Misfits would have it no other way.

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