The dread that comes with figuring out what to wear come Oct 31st is one that all of us know well. While there are those Halloween keeners out there who have their costumes chosen and prepared by Autumn’s start, most of us would-be-party-goers tend to wait till the weekend before (or worst, the weekend of) all ghouls night to throw together something that vaguely resembles a costume.

For you lot, below find inspiration for a quick and easy costumes, specifically those that need not depend on the adjective “sexy.” Here’s to the perfect mix of stylish and spooky this Halloween!



With the approaching release of the Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1, we predict seeing an abundance of Katness Everdeens and Effie Trinkets at Halloween parties this season. Our thoughts on the trend? Be more original.

We love us some Jennifer Lawrence, but how about thinking back to her Oscar-nominated role in American Hustle: small town Rosalyn Rosenfeld. It’s a speedy DIY job when you need to hustle it, aside from the costume, all you have to do is request “Live and Let Let Die” by Paul McCartney & Wings numerous times throughout the evening and sing along emphatically. See Lawrence in the film here for how-to-steps.




To bring this look together, the key piece is a leopard print dress; Maje’s Katanga Leopard Print Jersey Dress is an investment that most definitely could be worn again…minus the Halloween accessories. Now that you have your staple, accessorize with Michael Kors Gold-Tone Hoop Earrings and some yellow rubber gloves. (You should be able to snag these from a nearby drugstore if you don’t already have them tucked away in kitchen somewhere.) And don’t bother with shoes, keep your slippers on and you’re out the door singing!

Makeup & Hair

Roll your way into housewife mode with classic hair rollers (heated is best) or just a curling iron if that’s what you have handy. Remember, day old hair takes to curl and teasing better! Set your hair and then begin on your makeup. For the eyes, try a long wear liquid or gel eye liner in black (we like Bobbi Brown) for definition. Next, apply a hefty mascara for a wide-eyed look, try HYPNÔSE Doll Lashes by Lancôme. For blush, stick to your usual colour, just be more liberal with application to channel this small town beauty. Keep lips natural, a little lip gloss will do. Finally, remove the rollers, douse with hairspray, then pile loosely on top of your head, allowing some to fall to one side—have bobby pins at the ready. You need your hairdo to stick while head banging to “Live and Let Die,” after all.



When it comes to scrambling for a last-minute costume, unfortunately, too many of us have a trusty Catwoman costume (or the black turtleneck and leather leggings to makeshift one) in the back of our closet. Instead of opting for the obvious this year, do this: pull anything white from your closet—preferably a white shift dress or white blouse paired with a white skirt—and buy a heavy-duty white eye pencil. You are going as the artfully spooky graphic muse of British electronic music duoDisclosure. Best get acquainted with your new costume through one of the pair’s videos first.




So, much for white after Labor Day, this costume requires an all white look to accent your makeup—a perfect choice if your Halloween soirée is lit by black lights! Choose your white ensemble based on the party’s dress code (casual, black tie etc.), we like the selection offered by Club Monaco if you don’t have what you need in your wardrobe already.

Makeup & Hair

You may already have white eyeliner in your cosmetic bag, but if not, M.A.C.’s Eye Kohl in Fascinating will be perfect for highlights around your eyes and when lining your lips. Depending on the shade and thickness of your brows, you may need to also purchase a white face paint crayon from a costume store or drug store in order to colour block them completely. With either the crayon or the liner, outline your face shape and jaw last. Be sure to colour in a wider line if using the liner. When finished with makeup, simply throw hair up to showcase your artwork!



Okay, so last year, I dressed up as Jigsaw from the classic horror series, Saw. This costume is hardly a puzzle, and I was repeatedly complimented for my efforts on my DYI job. Now it’s your turn.

As everyone knows, whether they like it or not, Halloween is the one day of the year that it is “acceptable” to dress like your favourite superhero or uniformed professional, if they could only shop at a sex shop. Stray from the pack and remind everyone that Halloween is about horrors, and that costumes are meant to inspire squeals, not a shower of dollar bills. Good ‘ol Jigsaw it is, then.



When thinking of how to replicate Jigsaw’s black and white uniform, take inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld’s staple ensemble to incorporate a touch of fashion into your costume. Pull a white button-down shirt from your closet or pick one up a classic from J.Crew, pair with a black leather skirt (Zara has a great variety, short and long) and slip on some fishnet tights. As for the signature red bow tie you’ll need to complete the look, Halloween shops tend to carry them, or spurge on one from J.Crew and gift it to your beau afterwards. Step into black pumps (Aldo has a pair that will fast become favourites) and you’re off to spook the kiddies!

Makeup & Hair

If you have sensitive skin or are just hesitant to wear white face paint, get Jigsaw’s ghostly mug by picking up the palest foundation you can find. After covering your entire face with this (don’t forget your neck and the back of your hands) begin by “contouring” à la  Jigsaw. Start with a black eyeshadow and create crescent moons just below your cheekbones, this will add 3-demensionatliy to the creepy red spiral cheeks you’ll be drawing on. Use black or dark purple eye shadow and circle around your eye. Remember: as you move away from your eye, make sure the eye shadow isn’t as heavy. Next use the shadow to define your brow bone and nose. To outline eyes, go for something heavier so you can paint on a thick line, a long wear liquid eyeliner would work well, try Stila. Don’t be afraid to go to the crease line when doing this…pretty is not the goal here. For finishing touches, apply mascara (triple coat it!), and then, using your liquid liner, draw a line from the corners of your mouth straight down to your jawline, continuing the line slightly underneath. Lastly, using a red lip pencil with super staying power (Make Up Forever has gems), carefully draw spirals onto your cheeks, as well as using the pencil to extend your smile lines. Finally, coat your lips in a shade of red (try Lancôme Rouge in Love), let hair go wild and your Jigsaw perfect.

Published October 23, 2014