During the past three years that I’ve run GracieCarroll.com, I’ve had the fortune of discovering and meeting some of Canada’s most exciting new talent, both in the fashion world and out of it. My love for these brands and their products has often gone beyond my appreciation as a consumer and an editor, and blossomed into incredible friendships with the people behind them.

What I began to notice after discovering local label after local label, was that there was a gap in the market: a curated space where customers could shop and discover all of these cool, emerging, and independent brands, businesses and people in one place. And most importantly, a space that would shed light on just how easy it is to shop and support local without sacrificing style, taste, or quality—a space where home crafts weren’t considered the height of sophistication. Ultimately, the sort of place where you would discover that everything, from the hottest restaurants to the coolest brands, was waiting to be found right here, in your own back yard.


And so, I created just such a place: The Chic Canuck. Now the time and effort to research the best of these brands from coast-to-coast—the people and their products—has been done for you by me and my team, so to make discovering and shopping what makes the ultimate modern Canadian lifestyle, as simple as possible.

I hope that you will join us on our journey as we grow, and share in our passion to support local Canadian business, as often and as much as we can. With more and more American mega-chain retailers entering the Canadian market, it is our duty, as proud Canadians, to make a point of putting the power back into our purchasing decisions. Know that where we put our hard earned loonies will make a big difference to the Canadian economy and survival of Canadian businesses, small and large.

Now to the shopping; since most of the brands and products available from The Chic Canuck shop have been personally handpicked by me, narrowing down favourites is tough. That said, below are my top picks—things that I believe everyone needs.


F. MILLER is a brand new botanical skincare line that’s made in downtown Toronto. Not only is the branding and packaging on par with any top tier brands you would find on the counters of Holt Renfrew, but the product itself is just as great, if not better. This is a fantastic product for anyone interested in natural skincare, and can be used by both men and women.


Everyone knows that the Hudson’s Bay stripe blanket has been a staple of the Canadian household, but what about a new home staple? I adore these alpaca wool blankets by Cambie Design, which also happen to make great (and affordable) gifts. After all, the holidays aren’t far off! The blanket itself is extremely warm but thin enough that you can also wear it as a scarf or shawl.


This aromatherapy roll on from Aromacentric has quickly proven to be one product that I cannot travel without. The blend of chamomile and lavender really do work to quickly help settle you down, and I love having it on hand for airplanes and hotel rooms. It’s even great to have by your desk when you’re feeling a bit overworked!


This is the ultimate friendship necklace for anyone who loves to make a statement with understated, edgy pieces. There are three colours to choose from making these Blackbird pieces perfect for a trio of bad gals.



Not only do I love that these incenses by Province Apothecary are infused with essential oils, but that they make a perfect house warming gift or host gift. They’re also great for sending abroad, or travelling with if you’re taking gifts, from home to a loved one. The lavender is a particular favourite of mine for turning my home into a spa.



I absolutely love these fun plates designed by Said the King, and love that you can match them up to people based on their favourite meals and eating habits, or even what you’re serving one particular night. They make great presents, especially as a surprise gift given at the end of a dinner party.

Published October 24, 2014