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I fell in love with Julian Ho as soon as I took the first #HereToCreate class with him this spring. He is honestly one of the most amazing and inspiring trainers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working (and working out) with and I’m very thankful that the amazing adidas Canada team brought us together. This gushy love letter might make it sound like we are dating but I can assure you that we are not! Although he is single and very eligible, ladies.

My love for Julian recognizes his kind and curious nature, how hard he pushes others (and himself), and the power of his positivity. As I shared in my recent Q&A with fellow #HereToCreate ambassador, Christina Menssen (The Athletarian), it can be find for all of us to find time to sit down and chat, and I’ve decided to share these little interviews to help us all get to know these amazing people better.

So without further ado, I present you with my Q&A with adidas Master Trainer, and my new friend, Julian Ho!

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Age: 29

Hometown: Toronto

Occupation: Fitness Professional


GC: Tell me a bit more about your background, has fitness always been your passion?

JH: Sports and athletics have always been a part of my life. If it wasn’t Chinese school, speech and drama classes, or piano classes, I would be playing soccer, basketball, tennis, x-country running with my twin brother. I studied Kinesiology at Western University and worked as a part time personal trainer for some extra (partying) … I mean … pocket money. As my heart wasn’t into the predestined path of Physiotherapy, it was a natural transition into the fitness industry. Haven’t looked back since.


GC: Was there a particular ‘Eureka!’ moment when you realized you wanted to make fitness your profession?

JH: I’ve had many Eureka moments! When I started to realize the effect I had on clients and class participants beyond the aesthetic gains. When my group classes would transform into tribes; socializing and bonding beyond the walls of the gym. When my clients would attribute my training as the main contributing factor to their life successes. When my friends and family would come to me for help with holistic nutrition and lifestyle advice. These moments keep the eureka feeling alive and strong.


GC: What kind of workouts do you specialize in and why?

JH: I’d like to say I specialize in the hardcore YANG workouts such as Metabolic Conditioning and High Intensity Interval Training. But in contrast, I also specialize in the regenerative YIN work-ins such as mobility, flexibility, breathing, and massage. I am someone who values the Yang and the Yin, the balance of opposing forces, and this is what makes my approach authentic to me, and unique among my peers.

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GC: What does fitness mean to you?

JH: Fitness is a vessel to higher learning, broadening perspectives, and a holistic mindset. I use fitness as a tool to create experiences for people to better themselves. Fitness is my vehicle to teaching and learning, as painting is to an artist, as molecular gastronomy is to a chef, as astronomy is to a scientist, and as singing and rapping is to Drake as an entertainer.


GC: Describe a typical day in the life of Julian Ho.

JH: Here’s my morning routine as I believe in the saying “win the morning, win the day”. If I get this done, my day goes amazingly…which is typically every day!

Bedroom: Wake at 8am, read an article from my favorite newsletter Brainpickings, swipe through social media feeds.
Washroom: Take care of personal hygiene and wardrobe.
Living Room: Put on some morning jazz or Michael Jackson or Above and Beyond. Perform morning breathing, hanging, and mobility routine.
Kitchen: Wash down my morning supplements (tumeric, probiotic, omega 3, b12, magnesium, ashwaganda, holy basil) with a fermented superfoods green drink, eat an egg/avocado/kimchi/sprouted greens sandwich or wrap, and make an Americano to go from my Aeropress.

Bag will have been packed from night before. So I pack a lunch, put my charged tech and extra gear for the day, and head out to own the day!


GC: As a professional trainer, what are some of the ways that you challenge yourself on a daily or regular basis? How do you push your own limits?

JH: I listen to my body, mind, and spirit and streamline my actions based on my goals and priorities. I study the market, but I study myself more. I try other classes, I watch and listen to the best in the world beyond the world of fitness, I use their innovations and creativity to inspire my own.

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GC: What is one small goal and one big goal that you’ve achieved recently (or in your career) that you’re most proud of?

JH: Small goal is my first Triathlon. Facing my fear of swimming and just getting through it with a smile.
Big goal is controlling my eczema and gut health. Managing it and embracing it.


GC: What was your initial reaction when you were asked by adidas to lead the #HereToCreate movement in Toronto?

JH: I was very grateful and in slight disbelief. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and a dream job. I’m still feeling this way.


GC: What does #HereToCreate mean to you?

JH: Legacy over currency. Attitude over altitude. Mind over muscle.


GC: What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far from the #HereToCreate program?

JH: Stay authentic.


GC: What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced during the #HereToCreate program?

JH: So many beautiful, powerful, and amazing women, just one Julian!


GC: How would you describe the class to someone who hasn’t been yet?

JH: Hardcore. Challenging. Rewarding. Elevating.


GC: Where can you be found for a workout when you’re not at #HereToCreate on Thursday evenings?

JH: Participating in classes as a student because I love learning from my peers!

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GC: When you’re not working out, how do you unwind?

JH: CNC: Cook-Netflix-Chill.


GC: What do you like to do for fun?

JH: Movies, sporting events, concerts, art galleries, restauranting, festivals, basically anything cultural.


GC: Where do you like to go for a great meal in Toronto?

JH: Little Sister, Bar Isabel, Pai, La Carnita, Terroni.


GC: How do you take your coffee?

JH: With a splash of cream.


GC: Lastly, what do you do or tell yourself to stay motivated, especially when you have to also motivate others?

JH: If not now, when? If not you, who? If not, why not?

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Thank you, Julian!




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