As much as I adore the ‘athleisure’ trend that has dominated everywhere from the runways to streets around the world, the reality is that I just can’t wear my beloved sneakers to all the places that I need to go. Sure, they work for running to a workout class, posting up at a coffee shop to write a new blog post, or even a casual daytime meeting, but, they just don’t make the cut when this style blogger needs to get gussied up for an on-camera appearance or busy night on the town attending back-to-back events.

When the time comes for me to pack away my comfy flats and say hello to a gorgeous pair of designer heels, I can’t help but begin to go through my schedule to pin point exactly how much time on my feet might be involved in the day or night’s events. Why? Because I’ve become a total baby when it comes to the comfort of my feet, and absolutely loathe to be on the go when my feet are in pain – no matter how good they look in the shoes they’re in.


These days, I’m all about “Soleistic Health”, the concept where comfortable feet is a key component to maintaining an active lifestyle and preventing common foot concerns. Thankfully I’ve started to get smarter about the fancy shoes I choose to wear, and buy, especially when it comes to their height and design. Gone are the days when I would teeter totter around a shop and convince myself that I would be able to walk in a pair of shoes that felt closer to stilts. In a city like Toronto where you walk more than you drive (in most cases), ridiculous shoes just aren’t a reality.

So what do I look for in a fabulous shoe that’s built for my busy lifestyle? A high heel that still lets me run for the TTC when I need to, quality leather so my feet don’t suffocate, and a fit that feels amazing as soon as my foot slips inside.


Even when a pair of shoes to my liking ticks all of these boxes, I take the care of my feet to another level with help from the Dr. Scholl’s For Her products. I’ve been a fan of using Dr. Scholl’s products ever since I first got into the retail game (way back in high school!) and while I worked as a hostess (in university), to help me last through long shifts, standing on my feet.

When wearing heels, it’s always the balls of my feet that begin to hurt first (and the most) which is why I prefer to slip the Dr. Scholl’s For Her Ball of Foot Cushions into a pair of heels before heading out the door. With the Massaging Gel that’s built into the product, my feet feel happy and comfy without any damage to my shoe. Since I’m also very prone to getting blisters – especially on my heels – another product I love to use is the Dr. Scholl’s For Her Heel Liners to help prevent shoe rubbing and slipping.


Another notable feature is the clear gel that makes up this product, allowing any woman to increase the comfort and wearability of her shoes, without the dreaded reveal of opaque and colourful insoles poking out from her shoes. As you can see here, the sheer lace booties I’m wearing would make it almost impossible to put in an old school-style liner without it becoming obvious. Instead, I’m ready to keep on strutting to my next event, without anyone catching sight of the comfort I’ve added to my shoes.


To make sure that Dr. Scholl’s products are right for you, always read and follow the label . The Dr. Scholl’s For Her line is available at select mass and drug retailers across Canada. For more information, please visit:



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