Is Valentine’s Day just for girls? We say no. And we suggest men treat themselves or get treated to some undies on this day of love as well!

Gentlemen: women just want you to look like you’re trying – not just on Valentine’s Day, but everyday. In other words, old tattered plaid boxers belong in the trash, as do briefs suffering from semi-detached elastic waistbands. Below, we’ve rounded up some grown-up undies for men looking to up the ante. Whether you want your briefs to say you’re a comedian, 00 agent, athlete, or Hercules hero, our selection of SS13 skivvies will surely do the trick.


Men, your bitty asks you to turn off the lights – standard procedure – and to her surprise your assets are glowing. Imagine the look on her face (which you’ll have to since the room is dark), and the playful giggles that will follow. Check out what we’re talking about here.

As can be expected of a line that invest in glow in the dark technology, House of Holland is outrageously witty and unique. Brooks Brother types aren’t likely to be found in these daring undies, but carefree souls, who are proud to strut their stuff will appreciate the gift of classic white and black briefs with “cut,” “uncut,” “huge” and “tiny”  printed on their behind.  We doubt any man would object to unwrapping a pair of briefs labeled “huge.”


The recent James Bond film Skyfall marked 50 years of Bond, so, it is suiting that Alex Lundqvist be the body of choice for Hugo Boss’ S/S 2013 BOSS Bodywear campaign. Lundqvist has unquestionable Bond appeal, with masculinity to spare.

If you, like Bond, are the centre of your own story  (remember, in the end Bond girls come and go), and feel too much of a lone wolf to be tamed, than these are the briefs you want to have in stock supply. Classic, with no signs of ever being out of date, this is the bodywear line for men who like the action in their life shaken, not stirred.


D.HEDRAL has released the Gigolo Joe and Leon brief for their new S/S ’13 campaign. With athleticism in mind, the line has chosen Thom Evans — former Scotland International rugby player — to be the face of their ultimate undies. A symbol of athleticism and masculinity, Evans is an obvious choice for a brand that wants to showcase their product as high endurance and high performance.

For D.HEDRAL, fit is everything. The line offers three different angles to choose from, each are meant to help both slimmer or fuller bottoms correct the appearance of…well…sagging. And, we have to say, from where we’re standing, there is nothing quite like D.HEDRALs, it’s a concept that one can really…ummm…grasp.


David Beckham Bodywear at H&M takes a new approach this Spring 2013. Normally, Beckham is admired for the following roles: soccer player, husband to Posh Spice, father to Burberry child model, and then there’s being a highly adored underwear model. However, for the new campaign, David will be an action hero, which to many fans, he already is.

And, keeping things British and in the uber guy realm, H&M has recruited Guy Ritchie to produce a short film for the campaign. All we can say is, the line’s choice of red and blue trims is fitting because Beckham makes Superman look like a school boy in this short.

Live the dream: be a superhero, get the underwear. And if there be a superwoman in your life, check our picks for lingerie here.

Published February 14, 2013