In honour of Valentine’s Day (my favourite day!) I thought I would share some of my favourite girly, pink, red, heart-shaped things. Be sure to note, that these items can be enjoyed any day of the year, because every day should have a bit of V-Day love in it, don’t you think?

1. Grapefruit body wash from Giovanni, 2. “Gracie” embroidered pillow case by Comrags, 3. Flowerbomb perfume by Viktor and Rolf, 4. Love perfume by Chloe, 6. vintage comb.

1. Recharging eye mask from Opus Hotel Vancouver, 2. Dot perfume by Marc by Marc Jacobs, 3. Cranberry and pomegranate sugar scrub from Burt’s Bees, 6. heart-shaped pill case from Germany.

1. Freya lingerie set from, 2. pomegranate shave cream from Giovanni.