On December 1st, L’Oreal and UNESCO will be two of hundreds of organizations worldwide casting light on the 33.3 million people around the globe living with HIV and AIDS. The two have partnered for the 10th anniversary of Hairdressers Against Aids, an ongoing campaign that sets out to create conversations among clients about the disease, boasting the participation of 1.3 million hairdressers in 26 countries so far.

This year, on World Aids Day, take the chance to educate others while learning more about HIV prevention, treatment, and how to join the global awareness effort. Take L’Oreal’s quick quiz to see what you know, and learn what you don’t. For every quiz completed, L’Oreal will make a donation to Les Petits Bonheurs charity, an association that supports individuals through the emotional and social struggles that accompany living with HIV and AIDS.

The partnership will be holding their first press conference on World Aids Day this Thursday, in hopes of sparking conversation and spreading awareness. The theme: “Use Your Voice, Use Your Power, For a Beautiful World Without Aids”. L’Oreal has enlisted the help of Toronto’s most valued online citizens: its bloggers and fashion writers, to work with students from local hairdressing academies, who together will create videos to get their message out, and FILLER is up to the challenge. Stay tuned to see our creation!