My Canvas: Sabine Liva

Sabine Liva’s canvasses evoke a calm, strategic approach to the abstract. Using only what is necessary, Liva’s conceptual reflections of Toronto’s harbourfront and waterways offer a contemporary interpretation of beauty, inspired by the haiku, and the simple thoughts and feelings they represent. Although the overall minimalistic approach shines through the featured collection, a poetic inclusion of elaborate detail quietly proposes balance, simplicity, and a respect for the natural world she is representing.

1. Where is Home?

Toronto, Canada and Riga, Latvia.

2. Describe your work in 3 words?

Abstracts with a horizon.

3. What is your greatest achievement?

Every given moment when I have the opportunity to continue with my painting?

4. When did you know you were going to be an artist?

Before I had my first solo show (at home, exclusively for my cousins, and parents) at age 5.

5. What is your favourite piece of art in your personal collection?

A trio of glass birds by Finnish artist Oivia Toikka. The simplicity and the eloquence of his vision inspires me.

6. What medium other then painting is your biggest source of inspiration?

A medley o f textile, glass, architecture, poetry. And music.

7. If you had to name one person (living, dead, fictional) as your muse. Who would it be?

Mother Nature and Bjork.

8. Anything you are currently reading, listening to or watching right now that is influencing your work?

Haiku — it moves me.

9. Is there one particular piece of art, viewed early in your life that still informs your vision as an artist?

Renaissance art. First treatments of paintings as windows into space.

10. What is your favourite city in the world in terms of its creative output?

Riga. It has a rich history of culture. It is simultaneously old and new. Dynamic and familiar.

11. What do you find the hardest thing about being an artist in your everyday career?

Maintaing the “bubble” of inner balance.

12. What has been your most precious moment as an artist in your life to date?

When my artwork inspires someone greatly.

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