The anticipation of Dr. Martens Spring/Summer 2012 collection is on the rise since the launch of their #FIRSTANDFOREVER campaign. Setting fire to the campaign path is the second series of films titled First Love, and a heavy push for fans to share their own personal experiences with falling for the brand’s iconic boots. Love letters from loyal fans of the lace-up, in addition to the Youtube video starring Agyness Deyn and Ash Stymest, and candid snaps taken by noteworthy tastemakers from the blogosphere, together are fostering a new sense of connectedness between Dr. Martens and its customers.

Media and scenesters, including the boys from Canadian’s most energetic indie-band, Hollerado, gathered recently in the label’s Toronto’s store for a preview of the film and the collection that inspired it — both perfectly framed amongst the quirky “first love” images decorating the store walls, each submitted by different bloggers from all over the county. As for the collection: our hearts skip a beat. My personal favourite: the Dr. Martens Castel Boot with its cool indigo denim and feminine Victorian floral print — the perfect Spring and Summer footwear for anyone with a style marked by a girly edge.

A brand known for its edge, Dr. Martens‘ demographic consists of the expressive, rebellious and free-thinking — attitudes as well reflected in the Spring/Summer 2012 collection as ever. Boasting a brand power that has stayed true and steady over the past 50 years, the original Dr. Martens boot  — with its trademark yellow stitching — is an icon with a narrative of rebellion that stretches across generations of pop culture,  from Sid Vicious to Angela Chase. Chances are if you ever pocketed a candy bar in a store without paying or forged a sick note to cover up skipping class for a day at the beach with friends, you probably did it while wearing a pair of Dr. Martens. And no one knows that better than Sara LaHaie, PR Manager for Dr. Martens and the director of First Love. Below, we chat to LaHaie to get to the root of the brand’s intrinsic tie with the cool and the rebellious.


What is the creative inspiration behind the #FIRSTANDFOREVER campaign?

Few brand experiences stay with you as long as your first pair of Dr. Martens and that moment is often an important first expression of personal style and identity. #FIRSTANDFOREVER is a platform for [that] self-expression and individuality. For Spring/Summer 2012 the campaign portrays a lighter spirit celebrating first love.

Definitely passionate lightness.

Yes. First experiences are so memorable and usually evoke strong emotions.

Over the years, who could be described as the the typical Dr. Marten wearer?

Dr. Martens have been worn decade after decade by various youth subcultures as an expression of individual identity. [Branding-wise], Dr. Martens has travelled a fairly straight path. Very grass roots and true to the British heritage. With the new campaign the brand is focusing very much on creating a dialogue with consumers online and through social media to capture first experiences that can be shared.



Social media is a definite must these days.

Making the campaign interactive creates a dialogue among fans of the brand and is a platform where young people can express their personal style and creativity.

What about the theme of your own video, what is your first love?

Family. Such an intense enduring love that grounds me in reality.

Were you happy with the response to your video and the overall reaction to the #FIRSTANDFOREVER exhibit in Toronto?

Yes, first love and what that means is something we can all relate to and I think people really enjoyed that and had fun sharing stories.

How does the style of the video speak to the aesthetic of the new Spring/Summer 2012 Collection?

The film is set against British landscapes and portrays a lighter spirit in a very contemporary way. The product collection offers a blend of modern innovation underscored by classic styles. Lighter materials, refined sole shapes are seen throughout the range.

Do you have a favourite pair in the new collection?

The Kensington floral cut-out shoe.

Which cultural icon wore Dr. Martens best?

Oh, that is difficult. Sid Vicious.