It’s safe to say that those who love vintage and those who love lingerie are generally happy when the two are combined. There’s only one problem with this: good vintage lingerie is hard to come by. Intricate details and delicate fabrics rarely last long, or, if found intact, they’re hard to fit.

So, to come across a local brand sold at a local boutique whose lingerie line is inspired by vintage pieces and is sized for the modern woman (with a range to match!) is really quite something. For this reason, we’re ecstatic about our latest discovery: Fortnight Lingerie, made right here in Canada.

While every well-crafted piece had us drooling over its gorgeous design and durability, we were particularly smitten over the Jolene, perhaps because we really love when a bra can double as a top!

Jolene bra $110; bottom $60. Available at The Future of Frances Watson, 1390 Queen St. W., 416-531-8892

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