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To be honest, I’m not much of an online shopper, I need to like see it in person, and touch it. So, if I do buy something, it’s usually from Ebay or Etsy cause I want some weird specific thing. Like right now, I’m looking for monkey fur coat with a peter pan collar. 

The reason I like it is that each item is hand selected for its uniqueness or that it is somehow trend related. Like right now, I have my eye on a pair of op art Versace high waisted pants that remind me of Balmain Spring 2013. It’s perfect for people who want something no one else will have, but it’s still relevant to what’s currently happening on the runways.


This site is great for everything from not-your-average-pair-of-Christmas-socks to bigger gifts like statement bags for men and women. I would be extremely happy to unwrap one of their White & Warren cashmere travel wraps this year. It’s for the style-conscious set who love design, but aren’t overly concerned with “designer” items. They also prefer quality over quantity, and appreciate a good find.

Good gift giving doesn’t have to be about elaborate presents. Often, the best ones are small, thoughtful, and funny or sentimental. Magic Pony is great for quirky homeware to amazing jewellery by independent designers. Perfect for any adult with a sense of humour and connection to their inner child, as well as actual children — they have great toys!


Shop like a fashion editor, and discover emerging and luxury designers from across the globe. Straight from the runway it’s perfect for those who covet each season’s hottest accessories. Jewels, heels + bags, curated by Bonfaire’s community of influencers — like me! This is a site for fashion enthusiasts, or for the fashion enthusiasts on your shopping hit list this holiday season.

Editorialized E-Commerce site for the most debonaire of dudes. The Sebastian Q. man has many sides and rolls in an elite crowd of new york influencers and taste-makers. Launching Beta on the 9th of this month (it’ll be worth the wait!), you’ll find the coolest new designers, limited editions and collaborations, with items ranging from RTW, accessories, shoes, bags, art, music, and film.


Cashmere everything! Anyone looking to keep warm under the mistletoe would appreciate something from this site. It’s hard to go wrong with such a soft surprise.

This is cuckoo clocks central: traditional and modern. This is where you go to find the gift for the person who has everything. A great way to think outside the box when it comes to gift giving…or, every hour, on the hour.

Published December 4, 2012