For this look we were inspired by an Indian themed take on bubbly. Champers, a celebratory favourite – infused with saffron!

Coincidentally this month’s edition of Food and Drink was right on trend with Gracie’s Bollywood-themed birthday party. Saffron threads are a beautiful auburn red, laced with gold, giving us a great palette to work with.Typically, Bollywood makeup is pretty dramatic so I’ve chosen to focus on the eyes as a bold statement.

To start, wash over the entire eyelid with gold. Here I’ve used Mediteranee by Nars. Blend in some reddish burgundy into the crease, always blending inwards. To really achieve a kohl rimmed eye, “tightline” first, then do your water line, and finish with a winged line on the eyelid.

To tightline your lashes, you’ll need a flat eyeliner brush. Dip the brush in a bit of water, then tap it on the pot eyeliner. Press the brush along the rootline of your lashes. This makes your lashes appear fuller, and creates an invisible eyeliner.Go heavy, this needs to make it through many a song and dance!

Go easy on the rest of the face, a highlight on the cheek, nude lips. That way you can eat a ton of pakoras sans lipstick smudged on your face.

Don’t forget the most important part – the bindi! We found the holy grail of bindis at a video store at Parliament and Wellesley. Never under estimate the gems that can be found at your local video store.

We leave you with the full product list and the recipe for the delicious Sparkling Saffron!

Product List: Nars “Mediteranee“, Nars “Blade Runner“, Laura Mercier pot eyeliner “Black Ebony”, YSL gel eyeliner “Deep Black“.

Recipe: Sparkling Saffron from Food & Drink magazine.

The saffron infusion can be made in advance and stored in the refrigerator for a couple of days. You only need a ver little – too much makes the bubbly bitter.

A pinch of saffron

1/4 cup hot water


1. Reservce 3 or 4 strands of saffron for a garnish. Infuse the rest in the hot water for at least 30 minutes. Strain liquid and chill until easy to use.

2. Add 2 or 3 drops of saffron infusion to a Champagne flute. Fill flute with chilled Champagne. Garnish with saffron strands.

Makes 1 drink.

xo Ronnie & Gracie xo