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The doughnut cone from Eva’s Original Chimneys


Toronto is the type of city that gets really obsessive about trends, especially when it comes to food. We are a foodie city, and we want the newest, the tastiest, the obscurest, and we want it now. In recent years, it was burger shops that popped up on every corner, that were then replaced by taco joints, next it was ramen, and now a possible hybrid of the two thanks to the Sushi Burrito that seems to be popping up more and more around the city.

The popularity of ice cream has never swayed, for obvious reasons, especially since there’s only (approximately) two solid months in the year when we can genuinely enjoy it in the sweltering heat, if we’re lucky. But, of course, being the foodies that we are, a classic selection of flavours – no matter how many you have – will no-longer do when aiming to please residents of #the6ix. And how could it when you’re up against over-the-top Krusty the clown-themed cones that are an instagrammers dream, or flavours that include wine and pig’s blood?

As you can tell, when ice cream season hits, we go hard. And there’s no line too long to stop us from getting a taste of the most cutting edge of iced delicacies in the city. Here’s a list of 6 Toronto hot spots that are truly pushing boundaries with their ice cool goods.


 Where To Get The Best Ice Cream in Toronto for Hardcore Foodies - Death In Venice Gelato

Where To Get The Best Ice Cream in Toronto for Hardcore Foodies:


1. Death In Venice

Death In Venice is the in-house gelato company by the chef and owner of Queen West cafe, Constantinople. His creations are a gourmet foodies dream come true, so long as you’re daring enough to eat it. With ingredients that include pig’s blood, meal worms and fish, these are most definitely not your average gelato flavours. The best part? You’re guaranteed to have your mind blown by every single creative flavour, worms and all.

Location: 536 Queen Street West, Toronto, http://www.deathinvenice.ca/


2. Sweet Jesus

When the themes of Trailer Trash and Rock n’ Roll are combined to create ice cream, what do you get? Sweet Jesus. From their Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich (filled with vanilla soft serve, peanut butter sauce, strawberry jam and toast) to their Krusty the Cone (that features fluorescent cotton candy protruding from the cone to simulate the hair of the infamous Simpsons character), these soft serve creations are over-the-top and born to be instagrammed.

Location: 106 John St. ad 780 Queen St. E., Toronto, http://www.sweetjesus4life.com/


 Where To Get The Best Ice Cream in Toronto for Hardcore Foodies - Seven Lives Paleteria Toronto


3. Seven Lives Paleteria

The recently opened sister spot of Seven Lives (one of Toronto’s best taco joins) is located directly across the street from it’s older sibling in Kensington Market, making it all too easy to go from savoury to sweet in one swift move. The Seven Lives Paleteria specializes in Paletas (popsicles) in a plethora of fresh flavours and a few Mexican-style iced treats including cups of soft serve and Mexican floats. Flavours change often, so you’ll have many reasons to return.

Location: 72 Kensington Avenue, Toronto, https://www.instagram.com/7lpaleteria/

4. Eva’s Original Chimneys

If churros and ice cream are you jam, you can now enjoy both together thanks to Eva’s Original Chimneys that provide you with a churro-style cone, filled with high quality vanilla soft serve ice cream. Currently, Eva’s Original Chimneys can be found at the Union Summer street market at Union Station until September 2016. Although the wait in line can be long (a solid 30 minutes), the decadent but super fresh (the cones are cooked right before your eyes) dessert is worth it, and one can definitely satisfy two people when shared.

Location: Union Summer, Union Station, Toronto, http://www.originalchimneys.com


5. BANG BANG Ice Cream 

With nearly 70 unique flavours being made on-site in the tiny and industrial location of Bang Bang Ice Cream on Ossington, it’s not a huge surprise why there’s a constant line up – that sometimes stretches multiple blocks – for their quality creamy goods. With flavours such as the ‘Bellwoods Beer n Brown Bread’ to the ‘Wasabi + Tahitian Vanilla’, there’s almost too many interesting choices to choose from. Of course, they can all be enjoyed between BANG BANG’s homemade cookies as an ice cream sandwich too.

Location: 93 Ossington Ave, Toronto, http://www.bangbangicecream.com/



As expressed earlier in this article, the taco craze has hit Toronto, and it has hit hard. So much so that even ice cream tacos are now available in #the6ix, thanks to BOOYAH INC. in the St. Claire West neighbourhood. Be sure to have two hands free to tackle this ice cream-filled monster taco, and prepared to (possibly) need a nap afterwards.

Location: 16 Vaughan Road, Toronto, http://booyah-inc.com/ 


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