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Girl Power illustration by Zabby Allen

Did you know that World Contraception Day is coming up on September 26th, 2016? Up until my involvement in the #3YearGoals program (this year), I didn’t know World Contraception Day even existed, but I’m glad I do now. If you caught my post on Adulting 101: How To Know What Birth Control Is Right For You‘ you’ll know that I have never been on the pill, but that doesn’t mean playing safe while having fun (okay, I’m talking about S-E-X here) isn’t important to me.

As Dr. Palmay shared in our Q&A, there are many different options available for birth control, and it’s all about finding what’s right for you while keeping your life goals in mind. I’m currently at a point where having a baby doesn’t quite fit into my #3YearGoals plan, but, I also know that if my boyfriend of 5 years and I were to get pregnant within that time frame, we would happily welcome a baby into our lives together. Together, we have talked about what we want for our lives, and have made informed choices to ensure that even a surprise would be welcomed, no matter when it happens.

gracie carroll + Josh McGuirk

with my boyfriend, Josh.

So what is World Contraception Day (WCD) all about? It is a global movement that aims to empower women to make informed choices about their contraception and to create a world where every pregnancy is wanted.

As millennial women, I love the fact that so many of us are confident enough to talk about anything and everything so openly with anyone. There should be no exception when it comes to the topic of birth control. We are living in 2016, and discussing birth control is no longer taboo. We need to have open conversations so that all women are empowered to learn options that best fit with their lifestyle, whether you prefer a daily or non-daily routine.

I will admit that the topic of contraception isn’t often brought up when I’m hanging out with my girlfriends, but that needs to change. After all, the conversation about when we’re all planning on having babies seems to be coming up more and more often these days. If we’re regularly talking about having kids and when (or not having them at all, in some cases) why wouldn’t we be talking about contraception too?

I’ve set World Contraception Day on September 26th in my calendar as a reminder to bring up contraception with every woman I interact with that day. Perhaps you will too?


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