If you split me down the middle, you would find one half of me that’s a super girly girl, and the other that is a total tomboy. I believe there is a fine gold thread coated in high-quality cray cray that delicately brings these two sides together. That mix is often reflected in my outfits and this one is a prime example.

Obviously, the skirt was the first thing that caught my attention (because it’s sparkly, duh) and I wanted to build a look that would make it daytime appropriate (sparkles aren’t just for the night, kids).  Since the skirt is mini, I added a low-heel boot and collared shirt buttoned right up to the top. Then slipped on a striped cardi and an army jacket because they are, like, life essentials.

What I Wore: Factory chiffon shirt $130, Filippa K striped double breasted cardi $225, Filippa K army field jacket $325, filippa K warm camel simone short boot $399, Vince sequin skirt $365.

All available at Boutique George and Jane (Montreal)

Thank you Rachie Baby and my iPhone for the sweet pics.