Lazy Sunday mornings are meant for staying in bed and cooking for lovers/loved ones. I always try and have my Sundays be as stress-free as possible so when I venture into the kitchen I want to make something that’s delicious, quick, easy and still fancy-looking enough to impress.

Fancy French Toast is one of my favourite options for this. I like to top mine with my take on a mixed berry coulis (great during the winter, grab a bag of frozen mixed berries, throw a bunch in a pot on low heat until de-frosted, serve on top) or figs tossed in a dessert wine, served with a side of smoked bacon.

First, start with a basic French Toast recipe. I throw this together off the top of my head (so plz excuse the measurements) and it goes something like this…

3 eggs

1/2 milk

1-1.5 tsp vanilla

pinch (1 tsp or so maybe) of cinammon

sprinkle of brown sugar

8-10 pieces of bread

Mix everything together and begin dipping the slices of bread into the batter and placing in a heated, buttered pan. Cook on both sides until golden brown. Transfer onto a plate and store in the oven on low-heat until all the pieces are ready.

Cook bacon as you do (come on now, i’m not going to tell you how to cook bacon). Set aside approximately 3 figs per plate and quarter each one. Put all pieces into a bowl and drizzle with a dessert wine (see here for the ones I used), toss and let sit for a few minutes to absorb.

When everything is ready arrange two or three pieces of toast on each plate, place bacon on side and top with figs. If you want to be even fancier you can sprinkle some icing sugar on top, it always adds a nice touch to any sweet dish. Serve with delicious honey or maple syrup and you’re done!