Once upon a time, this past summer, I went to the island for a beach day with some pals. When my friend Ace showed up, he looked me up and down and said “Gracie, your outfit is so INTENSE! You’ve wearing, like, print on print on print… are you feeling okay?” To which I replied, “Print on print is the shit! OBVIOUSLY!” Can you imagine? Him making me feel like a total weirdo just because I was wearing platforms, a hawaiian print mini dress, leopard print beach bag tote, along with a printed sarong, and neon aztec print bikini to the beach? Pffft.

This post is dedicated to you, Ace, to show you that I am not the only one who thinks wearing everything print all at once is the best thing in fashion right now. Maybe it’s just me and Interview Magazine‘s November ’11 issue, but still. I love it. xo

All images from Interview Nov ’11 via Studded Hearts