Remember those beautiful, hand-made Manitobah storyboot moccasins I wrote about a couple weeks ago? Well, mine are still in the mail but in the mean time photographer, Vincent Tsang, flew out to Norway House (a small rural community north of Lake Winnipeg)  to document the brand and their amazing storyboot project.

His photos, from the landscapes to the workshop, are absolutely breathtaking and actually make me want to visit Winterpeg one day (who knew). I know I always chirp on about supporting local and supporting Canadian, but don’t companies like Manitobah and incredible pictures of our country’s natural beauty make you proud to be a Canuck? To be honest, it took flying away and living abroad for a few years for me to really become this patriotic.

Tonight Manitobah Mukluks is having a Pow Wow at the Bata Shoe Museum to help us learn more about their Storyboot Project. Time to go and get ready  - I can’t wait!

IMG_4382 IMG_4484 IMG_4521 IMG_4543 IMG_4597 IMG_4681 IMG_4693 IMG_4748 IMG_4806 IMG_4818 IMG_4915 IMG_4919

All images by Vincent Tsang, click HERE for more.