Y’all know how much I love eating, reading, learning and writing about delicious and tasty food, right? But did you know my absolute favourite food in the world is pizza? I don’t care if it’s a greasy deep crust from Dominoes or the duck confit on a spelt flour thin crust from Libretto – I love it all and want it all the time.

As you can imagine, coming across a name like @pizzapartylady in the Twitter universe would undoubtedly grab my attention. Seeing “Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries” (Hi, Mean Girls) as her tag line had me thinking this chick might be my soulmate.

The blog attached to all of this exciting pizza and cheese fries-ness  - The Five Dollar Shake – did not disappoint in terms of keeping the food laughs rolling. Mystery @pizzapartylady manages to post about delicious food, and funny food things (the next best thing to real food, obvi.). Hamburger or popcorn sweatshirt, anyone? How about a pizza slice sleeping bag? That one is (unsurprisingly) a particular favourite of mine.

Anyway, basically I think you should add this blog to your blogroll because it is super funny and awesome… and who doesn’t love super funny and awesome things?

Ps. How good are the quotes from Toddlers and Tiaras below?

All images via The Five Dollar Shake