The Muttonhead Collective twins (we’re referring to Meg and Mel Sinclair, the twin sisters behind the label) are at it again with another pop-up shop. This time they’ve recruited a variety of their talented friends from the Toronto vicinity to participate inLOCO for LOCAL, a four-day pop-up shop atNACO Gallery and Cafe on Dundas West.

With so much talent in this city, we love the fact that the Muttonhead girls are supporting local. From coffee bundles to limited edition sweatshirts by their own label, they have pulled together an array of goods that will appear under one roof – making shopping for gifts and stocking stuffers that much easier. Here’s a breakdown of their GTA talent selection.


Muttonhead Collective

It’s not often you can find sustainable, natural and compostable garments that go from ski slopes to city streets or your boyfriend’s back to yours. Muttonhead’s locally-crafted unisex line is a versatile favourite for the fashion-loving but eco-conscious consumer.

Marlena Zuber

From Yorkville to Parkdale, people in Toronto are as proud of their neighborhoods as they are of their area codes. What better gift than a framed Marlena Zuber illustrated map of their stomping ground of choice?

Earthly Paradise

Cosmetics brands that are committed to keeping the earth as beautiful as their clientele are hard to come by. To find a local, organic skin care range equally committed to the care of the earth and all its inhabitants is a total eureka moment!

Crown Shaving Co.

Founder Dino Caracciolo created his natural range of men’s grooming products after developing adverse reactions to mainstream products. Made in small batches, bottled and hand-packaged in the city, the masculine appeal of his line keeps caring for your man-skin cool.

Rose Broadbent

Paintings speak louder than pajama sets. Give a gift that someone will be proud to keep and show off forever. Rose Broadbent’s colourful, mysteriously engaging watercolour portraits bring life to bare walls.


Watching cute kittens and puppies on YouTube is, like, so 2010. Obviously we’ve all moved on from that and are now all about super cute kitten calendars! Fieldguided makes the best ones, along with great tote bags (since we’ll never get over a good tote bag).

Reunion Island Coffee

Look, we’re obsessed with coffee and will do just about anything to avoid Starbucks. Reunion Island Coffee is an independent and sustainable coffee roaster based in Oakville that has promised the pop-up a special holiday gift package. Ahem, all we want for Christmas is…


Take a brightly coloured gem stone, wrap it in some heavy-duty metals, add it to a chain and we’re sold. There’s something about a necklace that looks like 10 tangled together that we just love (no really). Cuchara is the master of this, with pieces that can be worn by both men and women.

ChocoSol Traders

Who needs chicken soup when you can have chocolate for the soul? This local artisan chocolatier creates chocolate foods — as opposed to candies — from horizontally-traded whole cacao beans from southern Mexico. The beans are stone-ground and blended with vanilla, chilies, coconut, hemp and maple (among other delicious ingredients) from Mexico, Ontario and Quebec.

Lauren Pirie

Nothing says I love to a long time friend, family member or lover than an image that evokes fond memories of your past together. Lauren Pirie’s playful illustrations often depict childlike characters engaging in memorable activities – bike riding, birthday parties and sharing records – on wall prints and gift cards.

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LOCO for LOCAL,  NACO Gallery and Cafe, Dec. 8-11

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