Software development company, Nulayer, threw a party for their new Toronto Star and Score Mobile apps at the Thrush Holmes Empire gallery last week. Here are some fun “Wall Photos” of me, FILLER‘s Jenn Lee and my beautiful scientist friend, Liz Martin, taken by the talented Janick Laurent.

Do you like my, “I’m tired and not feeling well” going out outfit? While most girls walked around in short skirts and high heels I wore: Blank NYC red jeans, my new stripy tee (from nyc, worn underneath), my dad’s shrunken cashmere sweater, black leather jacket, glam granny’s cream mink vest, envelop clutch from Fashionably Yours and my trusty H&M circle scarf to keep my neck cozy!

After this little shoot was over we walked straight over to the snack table to eat all the delicious oysters that were being shucked by Liz’s boyfriend (and also one of my BFFs) Misha. He had also made a homemade sauce to go with them – yum! Everyone loves an oyster shucker at a party.