A couple of months ago, while attending a preview for a new lingerie collection, the conversation in the room somehow went from finding bras that fit, to  extreme couponing. It was interesting to hear a small group of women open up about their shopping habits  when it comes to trying to save a dollar. For some, it wasn’t something they thought of much, and, others (like me) admitted they lived for the sale and scoring a deal.

This lead to RetailMeNot.ca approaching with a challenge to see just how much I could save by shopping through their site, utilizing their offering of coupons, promo codes, discounts and free shipping for thousands of stores. With everything from the Hudson’s Bay and William Sonoma to J.Crew participating on RetailMeNot.ca, I was up for the challenge and more than excited about it.

When shopping (aka hunting for the best deals) on a site like RetailMeNot.ca, it can be can be an overwhelming experience to figure out where to start when you have access to so much. Shoes, clothes, homeware…even travel! So how do you figure out where to start?

In my opinion, it always helps to narrow things down by thinking about what you really need, or want. Since moving into #CasaGC last year, I’ve become obsessed with accumulating chic (and rather expensive) kitchen ware and home appliances. So, my first site search consisted of the words ‘Le Creuset‘.

This lead to a world of different colours and different styles available through multiple different retailers. What I loved was that each retailer offered a different deal that was everything from a better discount to free shipping. While browsing through all of the beautiful cast iron ovens, I noticed that The Bay had a great sale on almost all of their items, and that I could take advantage of the sale in person or online. Since I couldn’t decide what I wanted, I chose to go in to a location and shop the items I was eyeing in person.


Once I got there I was drawn away from the 20-30% deals on Le Creuset, to the 55% off that was being offered on a beautiful Staub braiser. The chance to score a $399 piece at more than half price? I told the shop assistant to wrap it up. When he told me that the red one I had chosen was the last one and the floor model, I scored a further 10% off, leading to a total saving of $238!


The other item that I had eyed online was the All-Clad Covered Lasagna Pan that was on a promo deal that included a lasagna server. It was also on sale for $99 from $159.99. However, when I went to shop it in person, it wasn’t on sale and didn’t come with the server. Naturally, as soon as I got home I opened up my computer and ordered it online. Another $60 in savings plus free shipping!

I have to say, with a total of $298 in savings, I gave myself a shameless pat on the back and have yet to remove the giant grin on my face. I’m so happy with my finds, my saves, and can honestly say that I’m now a bit addicted to surfing RetailMeNot.ca for more deals.

If you love a deal as much as I do, check it out!



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