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Modelling the latest in wearable tech with Jay Strut, Casie Stewart and Nelia B.

To be honest, when I hear the words “wearable tech” I still can’t help but think of products like Google Glass, and its epic failure in terms of trying to make anyone look cool. But, as I learned from chatting with tech and wearables expert, Tom Emrich, and style maven, Afiya Francisco, at Best Buy Canada‘s 2nd annual Wearable Tech Expo and Fashion Show last week, the tech ‘pros’ and style ‘cons’ of Google Glass have been an immensely helpful example for brands to understand what today’s consumers are looking for in their wearable tech products, which are style and function.

It’s really no surprise here, but no one wants be walking around with something that looks like a computer stuck to their face, or any other area of their body, right? We want slick, beautiful design that looks just as great as any other bracelet, watch or necklace we might buy for ourselves on a treat-yo-self day, with the added bonus of smart technology to help us function and perform to our best ability.

Best Buy Canada -  Wearable Tech - bellabeat LEAF

The outdoor fashion show at Yonge & Dundas Square, image by Danylo Bobyk

From the Fitbit to Samsung smartwatch, wearable tech has been slowly creeping into my life, and I’m happy to say that I’ve started to embrace many of the new products on the market in a much more open and serious way, especially in comparison to my reaction to Google Glass when it first launched.

As Tom shared with me, one of the most popular wearable tech pieces on the market right now is most definitely the smartwatch, and I can totally relate. After only a few months with my Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch, I’ve become totally hooked on this stylish piece of wearable tech (mine, for example, features a white leather strap and rose gold face). Aside from the benefits of having my heart rate monitored and steps counted each day, I love that with this smartwatch, I can keep track of my texts, emails, notifications and calls, without having to constantly keep my phone in my hand.

Best Buy Canada -  Wearable Tech - bellabeat LEAF

Models strutting down the runway wearing Fitbit, image by Danylo Bobyk

During the outdoor wearable tech expo and fashion show, I was able to explore some of the leading products on the market right now by Muse, Fossil, HomidoVR, Osmo, MergeVR, Samsung, Noon VR, and LG, that are all available exclusively at Best Buy Canada.

One of the products that caught my eye right away is the new bellabeat LEAF in rose gold that is a gorgeous piece of Smart Jewelry made from natural wood, and tracks your breathing, sleep, activity and monthly cycles. Considering I’d never even heard of ‘smart jewelry’ before attending Best Buy Canada’s event, I was totally amazed that something so simple and so pretty could actually be a tech product too. As you can see from the image below, the bellabeat LEAF can be worn as a bracelet, necklace or clip, to fit with your style and outfit on any day. Another added bonus is that the bellabeat LEAF uses a 6 month replaceable battery so you don’t even have to worry about charging it! Something that I always forget to do when it comes to any of my rechargeable gadgets.

bellabeat leaf best buy canada

3 ways to wear the bellabeat LEAF

When it comes to finding the right tech product for you, Afiya agrees that it’s all about finding something that suits your style, otherwise you’ll never ending up wearing it which definitely defeats the purpose when it comes to wearable technology. She recommends that when shopping for the right product for you, put the design element at the forefront of your needs and treat it as though it’s just as important as the technology behind it. For two fashion and design-obsessed ladies like us, another one of our favourite products at the expo was the wireless and bluetooth-enabled Monster headphones in none other than rose gold – the hottest colour on any tech piece right now.

Best Buy Canada -  Wearable Tech - bellabeat LEAF

Through the live, outdoor fashion show in the middle of Yonge and Dundas Square – a pretty incredible show setting! – we were able to see just how easy it is to incorporate the latest wearable tech pieces into any fall fashion looks, whether you’re heading back to school or to your favourite workout class. As you can probably tell from this post already, I’m particularly into wearing a stylish smartwatch, beautiful piece of smart jewelry, and cordless smart headphones to make listening to music (and taking calls!) on the go even easier.

Best Buy Canada -  Wearable Tech - bellabeat LEAF

top and bottom images by Danylo Bobyk

For more information on the latest wearable technology and what’s right for you, visit Best Buy Canada in store and online.



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