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As someone who has been obsessed with fashion and shopping for as long as I can remember, I’ve noticed a sudden change in the items that have made it onto my ‘lust list’ as of late. There’s no question about it, this significant shift in my materialistic objects of interest most definitely relates to the fact that I’m getting closer to my thirties with every passing day. While I once only dreamed of owning all of the latest designer shoes, bags and clothing (okay, well, I still do), now the focus of my lusting has turned to designer items for my home. And no, I’m not talking about Versace vases or Fendi chandeliers (although I do own a number of Missoni towels), but, rather, top-of-the-line equipment.

Since I can now check a Vitamix (best purchase of all time), KitchenAid stand mixer (don’t bake enough for it to actually be worthwhile but it makes my kitchen look super fancy), and a plethora of expensive couture cast iron by French brands like Staub and Le Creuset off of my list, my attention is now laser focused on acquiring a Dyson vacuum for #CasaGC.

To me, great design needs to include function, which is why I started obsessing over Dyson products long before I ever owned my own home. But back then I wasn’t exactly ready to ‘invest’ in high end fans and vacuum cleaners while living abroad in New York or London (where I a. had no room and b. no money), but, thankfully, I’m now older, wiser and back home in Toronto, which means I’m fully prepared to buy all the Dyson (that I can afford) for my home.

Today is the official unveiling of the new Dyson Big Ball – the new vacuum that’s the only vacuum to self-right when toppled – and I’m here to share all the nerdy details about this epic new product for any and all fellow Dyson-obsessed shoppers out there.

Now, without further ado, please meet the brand new Dyson Cinetic Big Ball:

dyson big ball cinetic

“The problem with some canister vacuums is that they can go off on a tangent and topple, leaving you to walk back over the floor you’ve just cleaned to right the machine. We challenged our engineers to refine the canister format, to solve this problem and others. The Dyson Cinetic Big BallTM is the only vacuum that self-rights when toppled. Further advances include hygienic dirt ejection and an articulated handle.” - James Dyson


Obviously I had to include that quote from James Dyson because he is a genius and I have a huge crush on him. To follow, you’ll find 5 key features of the hew product:

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball is compact and streamlined, but packed with inventive features that upgrade the user experience. It is the only vacuumthat self-rights when topped, and it’s the only vacuum wit no filters to wash or replace and no bags to buy.


1. Self-righting

Find it annoying when your vacuum tips over? Of course you do – everyone does! The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball canister is the only vacuum that self-rights when toppled. This has been made possible by Dyson engineers who assembled the vacuum’s components in a spherical array, with the heaviest nearest to the floor. Placing everything inside a curved body with a low centre of gravity means that whenever the vacuum is knocked over, gravitational forces will automatically return it to its upright resting position.

2. Ball Technology

Core components are housed within the ball, allowing the vacuum to turn on the spot and follow you effortelessly around the home without any awkward moves.

3. Hygienic Dirt Ejector

As the bin is emptied, a silicone collar slides down the shroud. This scrapes off trapped dirt and debris, removing it completely. There’s no need to touch the dirt or reach inside the bin. Plus, the bin is 33% bigger than previous Dyson vacuums.

4. Articulated Handle

The wand’s articulated handle now rotates in three directions, allowing 360 degree movement for easy, versatile cleaning with less effort. The wand is longer than previous Dyson vacuums, extending up to 125cm/ And because the hose is kept closer to the wand, it reduces the machine’s storage footprint.

5. Dyson Cinetic Science

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball features 36 Cinetic tips that separate the microscopic dust that clog other vacuums. Vacuums with Dyson Cinetic science do not lose suction, and capture dust, dirt and microscopic particles down to 0.3 microns in size. The dust separation is so efficient there’s no need to wash or replace the filter.


dyson big ball cinetic

So should I (aka all of us) buy a Dyson Big Ball or what? Honestly, I think the answer is yes. Along with all of the features mentioned above, the quick release tools enable the user to change smoothly between tasks. The button to release the tool is now located on the tool itself, for easier one-handed removal. There are no hidden costs as there are no filters to wash or replace and no bags to buy. And the vacuum comes with a 5 year warranty on parts and labour!

I can’t imagine you might need any more reasons to buy a Dyson at this point, but, if it helps I will share a personal story from my own family. True Story: My mother swears up and down that buying a Dyson was the best purchase she ever made because, for the first time in their 30-year marriage, my dad now regularly and willingly vacuums the house – and it all started once they purchased their “robot” like Dyson vacuum!

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