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Starting another day with UberX!


Considering that 90% of my visa bill consists of Uber rides, it’s pretty safe to say that I am a woman who loves convenience. The recent rise of on-demand apps and services have been a total godsend to my life, and there’s nothing that makes me happier than tapping on my phone to have whatever my heart desires show up in front of me within minutes. Of course, Uber is not the only app I use to get through any given day in a more convenient and efficient manner (although it’s probably the only one I use multiple times a day, every day of the week), and I’m here to share 6 of my favourite on demand apps and services in #the6ix. Why? Because I’ve recently come to realize that an alarming amount of my friends and acquaintances have not yet used any of the following apps or services, even though they should be. Here are the ones that top my list:


1. Uber


As mentioned above, my love for Uber is strong and so very real. Every day I wish that I was Ashton Kutcher so I could be the one who was a wealthy celebrity and could say I invested a truck load of dough into the game-changing company that is Uber. I’ve been using Uber ever since it launched in Toronto many years ago. Yes, even when it was just black cars! I definitely didn’t use it often when it was a Black Car-only service, but gradually increased my daily use as they introduced Uber Taxi and, later, UberX. As a downtown kid who never bothered to get a license, no I can rejoice in the fact that I will never need to thanks to Uber! Click HERE for $20 off your first ride.


6 of My Favourite On Demand Services in #the6ix ft. BeGlammed Toronto, Urbery and More!

Get into the best workout classes in Toronto with Classpass

2. Classpass


I am someone who loves to workout, but only in classes. When I hit the gym solo, without a class to attend, I walk around aimlessly for a good 10 minutes before picking up a weight for about 30 seconds and immediately lose interest, then head to the steam room before taking a nice long shower. The reality is, the typical class schedule of any given gym often doesn’t work with my schedule because each day in my life is different. When I discovered Classpass (I finally decided to try it after a few friends had raved about it), I immediately loved that I could bounce around different studios and try all sorts of amazing classes that weren’t available through my gym membership. Also, with a vast number of top tier studios around the city on the Classpass roster, I’ve never had a problem finding a class of interest that suited my schedule, or where I would be in the city. Sure, the membership is expensive (the monthly rate recently increased to $170 for new users) but honestly, with studios like Lagree, Barreworks, and many more available through the app, I really think it’s worth it, so long as you actually go. Oh, and they will make sure you go, because if you miss a class, they charge you extra for it! Click HERE for more info and $20 off your first month.


3. Ritual


I’ve shared my love for the Toronto-based Ritual app many times before through social media, my blog, and even on Breakfast Television! For this coffee-crazed, snack-loving gal who is always short on time, there is nothing better than tapping my phone while I’m running down the street, or finishing up at the gym, and being able to quickly pop in to the cafe or restaurant of choice to have my order ready, waiting and already paid for (through my phone). If you hate lineups as much as I do, this is the app for you! Click HERE to get a $10 credit when you sign up and try it out.


6 of My Favourite On Demand Services in #the6ix ft. BeGlammed Toronto, Urbery and More!

The goods that showed up at my door thanks to Urbery!


4. Urbery


Urbery is a website and service that I recently discovered, and have already told everyone I know about. I’ve been a fan of using organic grocery delivery services like Mama Earth in Toronto, but Urbery takes it to another level with the ability to have groceries AND alcohol from the LCBO delivered to your door on the same day! As a bit of a food snob, I’m particularly smitten with the fact that you’re able to shop groceries and organic options from Whole Foods through their site too. On my first order, I decided to order a bottle of champagne, an organic steak and some greens for a great Saturday night meal at home, but, how amazing is Urbery for the next time you’re hosting a get together at your house and don’t have time to do the shopping? I love it! Click HERE to get a $15 discount code to use with your first order.


6 of My Favourite On Demand Services in #the6ix ft. BeGlammed Toronto, Urbery and More!

Getting BeGlammed at #CasaGC! 


5. BeGlammed


Perhaps I need my hair and makeup done for shoots and events more often than most people, but, pretty much everyone has got something fancy to get dolled up for at some point whether it’s wedding season or the holiday party circuit. On a recent and particularly busy week, I decided to try BeGlammed Toronto (a popular U.S. beauty service that launched in the city in March of 2016) to save me a ton of time by having a hair stylist and makeup stylist come to my house to prep me for a shoot later that day. Both stylists were extremely punctual (even early!) and got to work right away, setting up in my dining room area to get me looking glam. Through the website you can book 3 different levels of glamification, and you can even submit photos of your beauty or hair inspiration to save time and make sure you get what you want. The entire process took about 1.5 hours and I was thrilled to be ready to go without leaving my house. I can imagine it would be super fun to book a BeGlammed beauty team to prep a crew of girls before going out, or a big event. Click HERE for more info!


6. Good Foot Delivery


Running an online store, I frequently need to book pick ups and deliveries, but most of us can use the help of a courier service at one time or another. My absolute favourite company to book with in Toronto  is Goodfoot Delivery – a local business and charity that helps provide employment for people with developmental disabilities. With personalized point-to-point delivery service on foot and public transport, the Good Foot service is also environmentally friendly! I’ve always had a great experience booking with Good Foot and have found their staff to be friendly, reliable and very fast. Rates are between $8.50 to $15 and up, for Basic or Express service. Click HERE for more info!


I hope you have a chance to try these out and let me know what you think! Have any other favourite on demand services and apps in Toronto? Leave a comment and let me know!





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