Okay so incase anyone here used to follow my old blog, you will already know of my borderline psycho obsession with Chloe Sevigny via London Snog. I’m always reminded how awesome the internet is on sick days when I’m dying of boredom and click the shit out of every link on Twitter.

It’s even better when the internet stars align and I am eventually lead to something that magically involves the two loves of my life: Chloe Sevigny and home decor. So, thank you NY Mag via Revinery29 via Twitter  for leading me to this feature that has filled me up with so much happiness when I feel like crap.

Now, everyone grab your notebook and jot down Chloe’s pointers on NY Mag to learn how to make your pad redoncs amazing too:

The Foyer: 70s wasp-y print-y goodness

The Kitchen: country-in-the-city

The Bathroom: a captain’s dream come true

The Bedroom: pretty pentagram in pink

(all images via NY Mag)