While living in London, I developed quite a serious addiction to online shopping. Not too surprising considering I worked six days a week, had no time to shop, and lived in the land of the best online shopping sites in the world. Also, I never had any money so cheapy and trendy shops, such as (most notably), ASOS, really helped out both my wardrobe and wallet.

Last week, I received an email from the ladies of KOOPDEKOUR.com about their newly launched (seriously, like two weeks old) online shop. I was immediately impressed by the sleek design and functionality of their site. Not to mention their super cute stock and incredibly low price points.

Interested in meeting the team behind the brand, I asked to meet them and check out their stock in person. Luckily, they are based in Toronto so this was easy enough. As I sat with one half of the duo, Emma Tardella, in their stylish HQ, she explained that she and her business partner, Jennifer Celenza, came up with the idea just over a year ago.

Having met at Western University, they spent the majority of their study time scanning over ASOS, planning their post-exam party outfits and combining orders to cut down on high shipping costs. Eventually, they got tired of waiting six weeks for deliveries and dealing with customs, and so they thought, why doesn’t Canada have its own ASOS?

And so KOOPDEKOUR.com was born! Considering how big Canada is, I’ve always wondered why it has taken so long for someone to launch the Canadian version of ASOS, and finally, here it is! This is a site that I am personally really excited about, and can’t wait to watch them grow. Check out some of my top pics below!

From Left to Right – Bought: Camille Jade Sheer Panel Tee $38,  Love: Vanessa Sweetheart Dress $78, Bought: Dierdre Pleated Chiffon Mini $45, Love (but sold out): Victoria Rainbow Bracelet