Happy long weekend everybody! Whether you’re choosing to stay in the city, stuck in the city, or visiting, I thought I’d share a few special things happening in Toronto to help you get drunk on love-ly things over your holiday. I mean, who doesn’t love things that are lovely on a lovely long weekend, right? Here are three things that I love that I want you to love too. Love love love!


1. Nadege’s Limited Edition Artist Packaging Series


Probably the cheapest and quickest trip to Paris you’ll ever take is the one when you buy a pack of delicious macarons from Nadege on Queen Street West and eat them in Trinity Bellwoods Park. Preferably accompanied by a lover or friend, and a bottle of champagne. Although, be sure  you hide the bottle so you don’t get ticketed. This isn’t actually Paris and we have lame rules against drinking in public. To kick off the long weekend Nadege has released a limited edition artist packaging series collaboration with Virginia Johnson. Available in-stores and online, Johnson’s inspiration draws from a summer property she rented in France called L’Orangerie. Just gorgeous, isn’t it?


2. Lock in Your Love at The Distillery

lock in your love

Speaking of Paris, you know longer need to fly all the way to the city of love to lock in your love at the Pont des Arts. If you’re in Toronto, now you can simply head down to the historical Distillery District! Torontonians and tourists are all encouraged to give a small token of their affection a home on the Love wall in the Distillery. Don’t you just love the idea? I say lock in with your friends, lovers and family!


3. Smoke Signals Jamaican Style BBQ


If you’re like me, then you truly believe that love can be found in good Jamaican BBQ. Take a date, take a friend, or take yourself; either way don’t miss out on the delicious Jamaican BBQ from Smoke Signals that will be waiting for your at Cold Tea in Kensington Market from 4pm onwards on Saturday August 2nd. More details can be found HERE.


Extra! The Toronto Flower Market on Saturday (August 9th)

toronto flower market

Okay I’ll admit, the Toronto Flower Market is what I had originally planned to be 3rd on my love-ly list before I realised that it’s taking place next weekend on Saturday August 9th. Still, I thought I’d let you know now so you can mark it down on your calendars now!



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