Packing for Osheaga (a three day music festival) isn’t as easy as you think. With long days and the possibility of all different kinds of weather (and temperatures!) headed your way, you’ve got to be prepared for anything. Of course true festival fashion is always about comfortable clothing with a boho-edge that helps you re-connect with your inner flower child. This year I’m so excited to partner with Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren and Hudson’s Bay to cover the best of Osheaga 2014 in Montreal.  With its roots firmly planted in the land of Rock and Roll, Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren is a perfect brand to be outfitted in for #FestFashion from head-to-toe.


Packing a sweater might not be the first thing you think of when heading to a music festival that takes place over the first weekend of August, but, trust me, it’s not something you want to forget — Osheaga is in Quebec after all! Even when it’s not a cool summer, it’s always good to have a lightweight sweater to keep you cozy once the sun goes down and the temperatures drop. Sweaters are also great for doubling up as a blanket to lay on when you’re hanging out on the grass.


Since I hardly ever leave my house without a good denim jacket with me during the summer months, there’s no way I’d ever head to Osheaga without one packed. Being out in the sun all day at a festival, denim jackets are also great to drape over your shoulders when your body needs rest and protection from the sun. My macbook and a good book (or two) are essential for my train rides to and from Montreal.


This look is actually a great one for travelling; both the boyfriend jeans and boho blouse are loose and comfy, but can be paired separately to create a number of different day or night looks throughout the trip.


While I think bringing one pair of heels is essential for any quick trip, I don’t recommend wearing heels or open toe sandals to Osheaga. With all of those people, you’re going to want to protect your tootsies with a pair of closed toe sneakers. Save the heels for if you end up going out in the city and want to dress up a look.


When I’m packing I like to really look at everything I’m bringing and think about how much wear I’ll get out of each one. If I can wear each piece at least twice for two different outfits that cover day or night, then it passes the test. Just make sure that the things you bring make you feel good and that you can be truly comfortable in them — it’s all about having a great time!

What I Wore: All clothing by Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren from Hudson’s Bay

See you at Osheaga!



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