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So how was everyone’s long weekend? I have to say, thanks to Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren and Hudson’s Bay, mine was pretty freakin’ awesome! Why? Because I got to hop a train to Montreal and attend the Osheaga music festival for the first time which was a total blast! Here’s what happened:

The Arrival:

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I often say that I have a travel curse because something always goes wrong. I don’t actually like to mention it out loud too much because I’m hoping it will one day lift. Sadly, not the case with this trip. Our train car was the only one that couldn’t get the air conditioning working, the entire way. That’s right, five solid hours of hot, hot heat. I think by the end we are all clawing at the windows. The girl sitting behind me definitely put it best when she yelled “I feel like I’m suffocating!!”. Upon checking into the Club Floor of the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, I promptly removed each piece of my Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren “Canadian Tuxedo” travel outfit and cooled off for a solid hour (or two) in my wonderfully icy room.

Osheaga Day 1, Look 1:


As you can imagine, I wasn’t looking to get too covered up after enduring such a “spicy” ride to Montreal. Since it was a fairly scorching hot day, I opted for a cute printed onesie and wrapped my light, Pendleton-esque printed sweater from Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren around my waist. As much as I didn’t want to be too warm during the day, I knew it would get colder later at night — and it could double as a comfy mini blanket for hangouts on the grass at the festival!

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My arm party was Osheaga-fied right from the minute we arrived on the festival grounds!

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Here’s my outfit in action at Day 1 of the festival. I love how this shot makes it look like i’m in a little #FestFashion parade.Wouldn’t it be fun if there were mini parades at music festivals? I guess, in reality, such a big festival often feels like one huge parade since you spend so much time shuffling around with thousands of other people.

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Aside from bringing a light sweater or jacket with you to a day-long music festival (for warmth and blanket purposes) I also highly recommend packing hand sanitizer, a pack of tissues, and even a mini flashlight. Sadly the latter I realized would be essential to have after visiting the Osheaga bathrooms for the first time.

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On a positive note, we managed to scoop a couple seats at a picnic table in the middle of the main stage field. Once Outkast hit the stage we hopped onto our feet and caught an amazing view of the show, and the crowd, from way above. It was an incredible experience to get to see Outkast perform live next to so many other fans having such a great time.

Osheaga Day 2, Look 2.


Lately I’ve found myself pondering if my “look” is too “Normcore”, but then I’m faced with two of my day-to-day outfits side by side and realize that my “norm” is wearing print on print, which, too many, may not be normal at all. I don’t think that my looks for Osheaga day 1 or 2 are particularly ‘crazy’, after all , I just wanted to be comfy and laidback, but, I’ve come to feel as though I live in a minimalized version of a maximalized (wardrobe) world.


At the end of the day, all I cared about was wearing classic pieces that I felt comfortable in. To me that included my ultimate classics: denim and leopard. In this case specifically, a trusty Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren denim jacket and black and white leopard tank shirt.

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Osheaga Day 2 was kicked off with this outfit photo op outside of the Metro. My boyfriend said I looked super hot as he paparazzi’d my outfit from every angle. Josh is basically the TMZ of this website — love ya babe!

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However, sometimes our ideas for Art Direction clash. Like when I said “Take this picture of me with the giant ‘G’ it’s amazing!” and he thought it would be better to get me with the full ‘Osheaga’ stand which the lead to a picture of me wrapped around the ‘G’ in ‘Eaga’ instead. LOL.

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But a quarrel over a few letters was nothing compared to minutes later when we legitimately lost each other within a sea of ten thousand people in less than ten seconds. For whatever reason (the travel curse perhaps?) my Fido reception went down at the exact same time that I turned around and realized that Josh was nowhere to be found. I tried to remain cool and calm for as long as possible, but nothing will spark a full on anxiety attack faster than a lost loved one and a lost internet + phone connection. Thankfully, I kind group of people next to me who also happened to be from Toronto, and also happened to (by total chance) share mutual friends with me, offered up their phones to help me. It only took four phones (it wasn’t just my phone that was affected, it was all Rogers and Fido phones, grrr) to finally get my boyfriend back. My face above, taken by Josh shortly after his return, shows feelings of both “I want to kill you” and “I love you” — ahhhh true summer music festival romance!

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Getting to see Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds as well as Jack White live were major highlights of the day.

Osheaga Day 3, Look 3:


I’d like to say that on Day 3 I gave print-on-print a rest (hello, note the denim shorts), but, clearly I didn’t, as you can see from my choice in hat and shirt. Who cares? Print-on-print is my J-A-M! This look is what I imagine Blossom might look like had she decided to form a Hip-Hop group back in the day. Bring on Day 3!


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Since I actually wore my 90s Blossom Hip Hop outfit while laying around in a Montreal park with friends, I decided to switch things up a bit for the evening by swapping the sandals for sneakers, and the purse for a clutch. I also lost the hat and necklace, but kept the sunglasses on. Obvi. Here I am in our ballin’ semi-private glass elevator that you only got to use if you were on the prestigious ‘Club’ floor of the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth. God I love you Fairmont Queen E Club floor!!

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Sunday evening was spent listening to the likes of Cut Copy, The Replacements, Lorde and more — can you say #TotesAmaze or what?

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It really was an amazing experience to get to see so many of my favourite bands live at Osheaga alongside so many of my friends, family and lots of total strangers who were all brought together for the love of music. Thank you Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren and Hudons’s Bay for such an amazing trip to Osheaga 2014!





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