Tell me about how you ended up here and what attracted you to the space.

The owner asked me to fix up the brownstone so she could sell it when the world financial meltdown happened. She decided not to sell and I rented it from her. West 4th is one of the most magical streets in New York City, you can go hours sometimes without a car passing. It has all the quintessential charm of the West Village. You feel like you are in the 18-hundreds. At heart, I am a minimalist who is attracted to open spaces of loft living but I love the design challenge of compartmentalized living on 5 floors.

Do you consider it ‘finished’?

Of course it’s never finished!

How do you approach interior design?

I believe that spaces have to be in a constant state of flux. I love the Japanese way of changing the art and the decor with the seasons. I consider my home my laboratory / studio for my new ideas and experiments. I often develop prototypes and test new materials. My house never stays the same.

Do you have a design aesthetic and how would you describe it?

Soulful minimalism.

What’s your favorite element of the space or your most prized possession?

Favorite element of space is the glass skylight in the floor of the kitchen letting light into the basement. The most prized possession is the Maurizio Catalan photo over my fireplace.

Would you say there’s a difference between your home vs. the way you approach fashion?

No difference, they’re both eclectic.

Do you have a favourite furniture designer/collection/brand?

Pierre Cardin.

Why would you say we’re obsessed with interiors in the fashion community as mainstream spotlight for bloggers and magazines?

You can tell someone’s true sense of style by the way they live. People will always be obsessed with interiors — seeing how people live will always have a pornographic element to it.

Do you consider this ‘trend’ a trend or a fad?

Architecture and Interior Design are the ultimate shrines to design. It lasts a lot longer than one season. The decisions one makes must stand the test of time.

“Home is…”

Where the coffee’s just right!

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