Tell me about how you ended up here and what attracted you to the space.

I moved to New York City in 2002 and worked at Calvin Klein for 6 years as Director of Celebrity Services. In 2008, Burberry offered me a position as Director of VIP/Music Relations at their London Headquarters. Coming from New York City, I found Covent Garden to be the perfect fit.

How long have you lived in the space and how long did it take you to find it?

I have lived in my flat for four years, and I found the space within one hour of my new flat search.

Do you consider it ‘finished’?

No, it was and always will be forever evolving. I am always adding or mixing things up, and it is a constant flow of evolution.


How do you approach interior design?

To live in the space. I mean really live; feel it, breathe it, take it all in and make it apart of who I am. If you were to walk into my flat, you would without a doubt know who I am and what kind of personality I have.

Do you have a design aesthetic and how would you describe it?

New York City meets Patti Smith at the Chelsea Hotel meets Austin and Marfa Texas.

There is no script when it comes to design for me, but I guess you could describe my design aesthetic as elegantly disheveled, in an androgynous way. There will always be new and used guitars, snowboards, paintings, art books, fashion books, and fashion magazines from all over the world spread out neatly all over the space.

What’s your favorite element of the space or your most prized possession?

My 1982 vintage Johnny Cash black Gibson guitar; a Shawn White personalized snowboard with our photo on it; a pair of Nathan Followill’s drumsticks he handed to me when Kings Of Leon headlined at Bonnaroo in their hometown in Tennessee; and a photograph of me and my mom taken when I was seven years old with me looking directly into her eyes without a sense that anyone other than me and my mom were in the room.


Do you have a favorite furniture designer or brand?

Myself. I’m launching a home line called Sparrow Rock in 2012, which will feature one of a kind fashion apparel, accessory and home furniture designs.

Why would you say we’re obsessed with interiors in the fashion community as mainstream spotlight for bloggers and magazines?

Interiors scream individuality, uniqueness, a personalized touch. It’s almost like you can glimpse into the mind of an artist via the artist’s home.

Do you consider this ‘trend’ a trend or a fad?

I consider it a lifestyle.

“Home is…”

… where the magic comes alive and where baby unicorns live.

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