Steam Bed Body Therapy at Novo Spa

When braving -30 degree temperatures is there anything you could want more than to be encased in a cozy bed filled with hot steam? I think not.

This is exactly why every Canadian will love the steam bed body therapy at Novo Spa in Yorkville. If you’re a Canadian who isn’t based in Toronto, then I highly suggest making the trip down to experience this luxurious and extremely warm body treatment which can be truly appreciated to its fullest at this time of year.

First of all, let’s just take a moment to acknowledge the cool ceiling lights in the treatment room, as seen in the picture above. When I commented that I felt like I was in a rave, my therapist assured me that the somewhat psychedelic lighting installation was actual therapeutic. Party + Relaxation? Score.

Then there was the cool space age cocoon that she instructed me to lay in and ‘relax.’ “Is this an Eames” I wondered to myself as I placed by body beneath the bamboo bars, “or am I in a beauty jail?” Either way, it was rather thrilling and I gave props to the design of what would be my new home for the next 75 minutes .

After a full body salt scrub, and chocolate ‘decolletage’ mask that smelled so insanely good that I was tempted to lick my own bosom, it was time for a quick shower to rinse off. Upon my return to the bed my therapist moisturized my body from head-to-toe before covering my space cocoon with a plastic sheet and promptly filling the enclosed space with hot steam.

With the #polarvortex just outside the spa doors, you can imagine just how good it felt to be confined in a cocoon of hot steamy air. It was like being in a little enclosed piece of heaven in the midst of this brutally cold weather. The glow of happiness emanating from my face would have had you thinking I’d been in for a facial, rather than a body treatment.

So are you looking to relax and warm up? I can safely say that the steam body bed therapy at Novo Spa is my treatment of choice during the winter months.

See some more images of the spa below!

Novo Spa Steam Bed Body Therapy at Novo Spa Novo Spa

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Thank you Novo Spa!

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