The month of January not only marks the start of a new year, but the beginning of change for most people. Even though my personal resolutions have nothing to do with my wardrobe, I’ve already got the itch to revamp it even just a little bit to start the year off with a fresh feeling, sartorially speaking. Still, when it’s cold and snowy out (as well as smack in between winter and spring) it’s hard to know what to put your money towards. I found the answer in Ganni at Pop Up 120, the rotating pop up shop on Ossington Avenue in Toronto that’s currently completely filled with Danish womenswear brand, Ganni.

Unlike brands from LA that present you with frilly tops, shorts and light weight jackets for their winter collections, Ganni (which hails from Copenhagen) understands dressing for cold weather. To anyone living in Canada, and especially in Toronto during this year’s deep freeze, this is great news.


Not only does Ganni‘s current collection at Pop Up 120 feature puffer jackets and beautiful chunky cable knit sweaters, but the entire collection is sprinkled with pops of yellow, soft baby pink and the beloved leopard print. With pieces that are fully equipped to brave negative temperatures, their colours will still have you feeling chipper and excited for the spring to come.

Best yet? The entire collection of Ganni at Pop Up 120 is currently 50% off! Seriously. See below for a tour of the temporary shop:










Owner of Pop Up 120, Ken Georgopoulos, outside of the Ganni shop.

Hurry in, the Ganni shop will pack up at the end of the month!


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