Dermalogica Old Montreal

Sometimes all we need is skincare in a snap, amiright? Sure, relaxing in a robe and being pampered for a couple of hours is always nice, but most often we just don’t have the time with our busy schedules. Does being busy mean our skin has to suffer? Absolutely not, and Dermalogica understands that.

Dermalogica Old Montreal

For this reason the Dermalogica microZone was launched. In just 20 minutes and for just $30 patients can have problem areas targeted and treated in mere minutes. From what the Dermalogica Old Montreal team tells me, it’s a very popular lunch-time treatment for those who work in the area.

Dermalogica Old Montreal

Of course Dermalogica’s Old Montreal location doesn’t only specialize in quickie treatments; Face Mapping, Active Resurface 35, Skin Bar, and Skin Treatment services are all readily available to visitors.

On a recent trip to Montreal I sat down for a microZone treatment to focus on hydrating my chronic dry skin, and loved the concept of condensed treatment that rejuvenated my problem areas by the time I left.

Whether visiting the area, or a resident, I trip to Dermalogica in Old Montreal is a must.

Thank you Dermalogica!



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