Toronto City Guide - Menswear Designer Andrew Coimbra

Toronto-based menswear designer, Andrew Coimbra.


In my opinion, the best way to find out where the best spots are in any city, is to ask locals in a similar field to you. Like-minded people are often drawn to like-minded places, and what better way to skip through the research than by asking a friend (whose taste you admire) for advice on where to go? Even in my own hometown, I love discovering where my favourite creatives in the city are hanging out. Sometimes it’s a tried and true favourite, and sometimes it’s somewhere totally new and still under the radar.  For this Toronto City Guide, I called upon my friend Andrew Coimbra - a talented menswear designer and downtown Toronto bred kid – for his guide to the city to be part of my Itineraries of Taste series for San Pellegrino. Keep reading for Andrew’s favourite please to eat, drink and shop, especially during the warmer months.


Where To Eat:


lady marmalade toronto

Breakfast at Lady Marmalade, image via 


BREAKFAST: ”Lady Marmalade (898 Queen St. E.); I love it there because the servers are so friendly, and the atmosphere is kitschy and light. I order the “A.M. Poutine” because, hello  - it’s poutine! – but I add bacon because, hello – it’s bacon!”


LUNCH: “Growing up with Portuguese food for lunch as a staple in my life (cooked properly by my Avó aka Grandmother), it’s hard to say “no” to good Portuguese food, which is why I love Bairrada (1560 Dundas St. W). My favourite thing to order is the Frango no Churrasco  (BBQ Chicken) because it’s served with the Portuguese-style rice and potatoes. I’m a fan of grabbing to go and enjoying it in a park, but the College street location has a back patio, which is convenient.”

As many people know… I love me a Big Mac meal. I have no shame in admitting this, so legitimately any McDonald’s location in the city is amazing, but the one in the Grange Food Court across from OCADU comes with the added bonus of being near a park to enjoy it in. *insert sunglasses emoji*”


DINNER: “This is such a typical response, but, La Carnita (501 College St)! I don’t even care how transparent it is – I love it. There is nothing better than bobbing your head to a good Notorious B.I.G mash up while devouring pollo frito tacos and drinking a “Who Shot Ya?” (my favourite drink there). The staff there recognize my face, and I am more than happy to keep their electricity bill paid for. Trust. That.”


Where to Drink:


reposado toronto

Reposado Tequila Bar image via BlogTO 


THE BAR:  “I’m a sucker for a guaranteed chill/good time and Reposado Tequila Bar (136 Ossington Ave) always has that. The music is usually jazz, so you don’t get sucked into a Beyoncé music video in your mind when you’re trying to talk to friends (or get to know a cute guy). It’s not a orientation-specific place, and I think that’s another reason why I like it. Plus the crowd isn’t trying for anything in particular, at least not from my experience.”


THE PARTY: Birthday Sex, hands down. It’s a bi-monthly party thrown by the Diego Brothers usually held in the basement of Parts & Labour (1566 Queen St. West). It’s a solid, super mixed crowd, dancing to 90′s Hip Hop & R&B. It’s the definition of good vibes only.”


Toronto City Guide - Menswear Designer Andrew Coimbra

Toronto-based menswear designer, Andrew Coimbra.

Where to Shop:


saudade toronto

Saudade image via Design Lines


The Blue Banana Market in Kensington Market (250 Augusta Ave) has some really awesome vendors and one-of-a-kind things that make any home look stunning.


I’m a huge organization freak, so Neat (628 Queen St W) is the bomb dot com. Plus it’s super chic.


Morba (665 Queen St W) is where I get most of my decorative things – vases, lamps, fridge magnets etc.


Saudade (1191 Dundas St W) has some of the nicest hand crafted and sourced Portuguese art, decor and books.


For menswear shopping: *hair flip*



Where to… live your best life


hanlan's point toronto


“Grab a couple of beers (or San Pellegrinos) and bring a big beach blanket to Hanlan’s Point Beach on Toronto Island. It’s such a nice escape from the city, and it offers the best view of the skyline while on the ferry going across the lake. When I want to forget about what’s on my mind, it’s the best and cheapest vacation, during the summer at least.”


As I had anticipated Andrew’s guide to the city is exactly the one you would want from a cool and creative Torontonian who is completely tapped into the city’s culture scene. In fact, I was so pleased to find that some of my personal favourites such as Lady Marmalade and Bairrada made his list too. For more information on Andrew Coimbra and his incredible menswear designs, please visit


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