Gracie Carroll - What I Wore - Mendocino Toronto - David Gillespie

Even though shopping is my favourite activity of all time, lately it seems that I rarely have time to do it in a relaxed and enjoyable way. These days I’m more often found running into a store screaming “I’ve got TEN MINUTES to find three outfits!!” while I race around like the Tasmanian devil.

To be honest, sometimes this results in finding what I need, but most times I’m forced to leave for my next appointment before I can even consider trying anything on, which induces even more stress in an already-stressful situation.

Gracie Carroll - What I Wore - Mendocino Toronto - David Gillespie

Saying that, every once in a while I get lucky and will barge into a store where I’m actually – and surprisingly – able to find multiple outfits that I love in a matter of minutes. This was exactly what happened the last time I paid an impromptu visit to Mendocino Toronto‘s newly renovated location at the Toronto Eaton Centre, and was lucky to find a number of pieces that have helped shape my summer wardrobe.

Perhaps you remember this floral print lemon romper from my lemonade-themed What I Wore post that I’ve lived in over the past couple of months? That was from Mendo. And, although it’s taken me a long time to share these images, the shorts and dress that are both by Gilbert from Mendocino, have been seen all over my Instagram feed this summer. What can I say? When I find something I love, I like to wear it a lot!

Gracie Carroll - What I Wore - Mendocino Toronto - David Gillespie

Thanks for making this busy gal’s life easier, Mendo. You just get what girls want to wear!




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