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If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember a post I shared just before Valentine’s Day about getting ready to pucker up for the big day of love. The post highlighted the Emervel® Kissability Report that showed that 1 in 5 women feel their lips aren’t as kissable as they’d like, and I also revealed that recent lip trends have me thinking about getting fillers like Emervel Lips. I turned to you guys to ask what you think, and find out what questions you have about fillers so that we can all get the answers we’re looking for before making any decisions about plumping up our lips.

Recently I was able to connect with Dr. Julia Carroll (no, we’re not related!) to get information straight from a Doctor about the truths of lip fillers that we’re all looking for. See below for Dr. Carroll’s answers to your top questions!


GC: One of the top questions submitted was, how long do the fillers last?

JC: Generally, fillers will last 9-12 month. However, it really depends on the individual.


GC: Many women seem to fear that fillers will make them look older (in a negative way), is that possible?

JC: To me, they’re kind of like a breast augmentation. If they’re inappropriate for the person they can make you look funny or older. It really depends on the person and how it is done. In our office, we measure the person’s face to get everything in harmony. That’s what we do, but if that wasn’t done it could look worse. I’m a science girl so I do everything by math and numbers, but there is an art to it too. I can also make a nose look smaller by adjusting the lips!


GC: Once you get fillers, do you have to maintain them by re-doing them often?

JC: Typically, they last 9-12 months, so, if you like the look they’re going to wear off and you’ll have to re-do it. But if you don’t like it, they will wear off eventually. Once you start getting fillers, you have to keep getting them to maintain the look.


GC: What kind of products are used? Natural or synthetic?

JC: Fillers like Emervel are man-made and mimic something we naturally have in our bodies called hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a sugar naturally found in the body that attracts and binds water molecules to add volume.


GC: Do the fillers come as glosses or lipsticks?

JC: They don’t, fillers like Emervel are non-permanent injectable materials administered by a trained health professional. 


GC: What do fillers feel like?

JC: When it’s done properly, they should feel like your own lips. At first they’re a little bit swollen but after a day or two that swelling goes down. 


GC: Are fillers ever reversible?

JC: Over time, non-permanent fillers are absorbed by the body and are reversible. There are options to reverse the results if you aren’t happy. We also do a technique with saline called the Cinderella Lip – if someone is not sure (about fillers) and wants to try it for a movie or event, we can use a product that completely dissolves in 12 hours. This can also be used to test out the look before going for the real thing.


GC: How much does it cost to get fillers?

JC: The approximate price range starts at about $400 for a smaller boost, and up to $1300 for a larger augmentation. The average cost in my office is $650.


GC: Is there anything else we should know about getting fillers?

JC: Safety is really important! Fillers should always be done by a trained physician in a dermatologist’s office or plastic surgeons’ offices, not spas or salons. And remember, always discuss potential treatment risks with your healthcare professional before treatment.


I don’t know about you, but I’m personally feeling more tempted than ever before to try out a small augmentation to see how it makes me feel, and look – especially knowing that they are reversible and eventually go away. What about you? For more information on fillers, treatments and Dr. Carroll, visit For more information on Emervel Lips, visit





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