Glasgow City Guide -  Style Jaunt - FLARE x Air Transat - Gracie Carroll

2015 was a pretty incredible year for me, especially in terms of travel opportunities. To kick it off, I was asked by FLARE and Air Transat to help launch their new Style Jaunt web travel series, and hopped planes with my girl Camille DG of Montreal to Lisbon, Portugal, and later to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. It was a once-in-lifetime experience to discover a new city with a brand new friend, and fellow blogger. In the fall, I was paired again with another new friend to travel with, the Vancouver-based blogger, Alanna of Xander Vintage, to head to Glasgow, Scotland.

I think the only person more excited about my opportunity to travel to Scotland for the first time than I was, was definitely Grandpa Carroll. Most of you probably don’t know this about me, but my heritage is a mix of half Korean (my mom), English and Scottish (my dad). At this point there aren’t really any close Carroll relatives left for me to visit while I was across the pond, but it was still incredibly exciting to visit a city that represents such a significant part of my roots as a person.

As you can imagine, Alanna and I were quickly put to work to discover the best the city has to offer, covering everything from fashion to food and culture. Be sure to watch the first episode from the latest Style Jaunt series featuring part one of our Glasgow City Guide!

Hope you enjoy the first episode! Be sure to look out for the coming episodes that will be released over the next couple of weeks!

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