The day I discovered UBER was the best and worst day of my life. Why? Well, because although it has changed my life for the better in regards to being transported around Toronto, it has also dominated my Visa bills for the past six months. That’s not to say it’s expensive, it just means I use it A LOT.

Freezing my tits off outside isn’t something I enjoy as a Canadian (unless I’m looking like a chic ski bunny on a mountain somewhere), and I can generally be found cursing on the streets of Toronto as my gloves slip and slide around my iPhone while I try to find the nearest car or taxi to come save me.

Thankfully, UBER recently launched a new pair of gloves to make sure we can all use our iPhones without getting frostbite and losing our fingers. As one of their most frequent users, they called me up and insisted I try out a pair. I mean, how on earth would I be able to order an UBER without my precious fingers? Or write this blog post for that matter?

Look above, there’s me simultaneously cuddling with a puppy, posing for a picture, and ordering an UBER on my iPhone. Can your gloves do that?

The best news is that we have teamed up for an exciting giveaway to introduce you to UBER in Toronto. Because if you don’t UBER already, you ain’t living!

Everyone who signs up to UBER using the promo code UBERTORONTOGRACIE (signup at using that code, or download the free Uber app and signup within) will instantly receive a $40 credit towards their first black car ride, valid until the end of the month. Have you ever taken a black car? Pshhh, it’s the easiest and fastest way to feel like a VIP celeb, hello! Also, it’s only a couple of dollars more than a taxi. The difference is worth it, and chances are your credit will more than cover wherever you are going.

IT’S NOT OVER YET: This contest will run for one week and 3 lucky readers will win their magical touch-screen gloves along with their $40 credit!

For your chance to win a pair of gloves, all you need to do is FOLLOW @GracieCarroll and @Uber_TOR and tweet:

“I want to ride in style with @GracieCarroll and @Uber_Tor! #UBERTORONTOGRACIE”

Below, an outtake from my photoshoot with Miss Jackie O. when she tried to French kiss me.


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