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Now that you’ve met Christina The Athletarian, Master Trainer Julian Ho, and Catriona Smart of Coco & Cowe, it’s finally time for us all to get to know the amazing Jessica Mulroney a little better.  Surprisingly, Jessica and I had never met in person before the #HereToCreate program in Toronto brought us together. As the Co-Founder of The Shoebox Project, The Brain Project, stylist and style expert, business consultant, wife to Ben Mulroney and mother of three small children, this woman is BUSY. Considering all of this, it was so nice to find that Jessica has a wonderfully warm, funny and playful personality that you might not expect from a high profile woman with a lot on her plate. Check out our Q&A below to learn a little bit more about the lovely Jessica Mulroney!

jessica mulroney adidas

Gracie Carroll: What does a day in the life of Jessica Mulroney look like?

Jessica Mulroney: Lucky for me it never looks the same. I am a mom of three (and) as soon as I wake up there is some sort of unexpected obstacle I have to overcome. I work as a consultant for several companies including Hudson’s Bay so I’m either on conference calls in my office (otherwise known as my kitchen) or running around town in meetings. I also work as a stylist for a few select high profile clients and as an expert on a few daytime shows. My day is usually filled to the brim. My brain is buzzing until I hit the sheets and even then it is hard to shut off.


GC: With such a full schedule, how and when do you find time to workout? Do you have any tips or apps you use that you can share?

 JM: If I don’t workout, I feel miserable. It has become part of my daily routine. I treat it as if it were a meeting and schedule it in to my life. I am lucky that I have a mobile office. My trick is that I schedule less social activities (like events or cocktails with friends) and will replace that with a workout. My social life is therefor lacking however, I feel great in the morning and rarely need an Advil.


GC:  What are some of your favourite workouts and why?

JM: Studio Lagree: After children your core strength is the pits. It brought my stomach to places I would never think it could go

Boxing: I train with the Spaniard who is AMAZING. With the crazy stress I deal with day to day, punching makes it go away temporarily. I also love the full body workout

Weight Training: I love lifting weights and feeling strong. A lot of women shy away from weight training thinking it will make them look bulky. Totally false. I feel powerful and energetic after a session with Matt Pauderis and Paula Ryff at Ultimate athletics.

jessica mulroney adidas

GC: What was your initial reaction when you were asked to be one of the #HereToCreate ambassadors?

JM: Excitement! I have loved adidas, not only from a fashion perspective but ever since I started working out. Before having kids, my training regimen was quite poor and I didn’t take very good care of myself. Being asked to join the adidas family made me feel like I had made so many positive changes in my life and I couldn’t wait to share them with other women.


GC: How would you describe the free weekly class to someone who has never been before?

JM: Tough but inspiring. It isn’t like any class I have done before. I love a challenge mostly because it pushes me to places I never thought I could go. When women support women, no matter what we chose to do, there is nothing more powerful. This class feels no different.


GC: What is one thing you’ve learned from attending the classes so far?

JM: That I am stronger than I thought.


jessica mulroney adidas

GC: As a fashion lover with a lot of events to attend, where are some of your places in the city to shop? 

JM: I am a big supporter of Canadian designers so whenever I can go directly to them I will. (I like) Greta Constantine, Madame Moje is AMAZING for well priced cocktail dresses, Ellie Mae, Lucian Matis, Mikhael Kale, etc. Hudson’s BAY and The Room are my GO TOS


GC: Do you have a beauty squad? If yes, who and where are they?

JM: I certainly and they make my life so much easier. I owe a lot to the team of mine!

Ryan Dowell for Hair, Rachel Renna for Makeup and Luis from Hair on the Avenue for color

Also, Monica Neish the owner at Fake is hands down the best extension artist out there if you are looking to change it up!


GC: Where are some of your favourite places to go in Toronto for food and/or drinks with friends?

JM: As mentioned previously, my social life has taken a backseat this past year. However, I love Cafe Boulud, Chabrol, Nao Steakhouse, Soho House and The Shangri-La. Nothing ultra hip as I try to be in bed by 9:30 every night. I know…BORING.


GC: Where is one place you’d like to travel to this year?

JM: This summer I went to Ibiza and will be in Italy in a few weeks. I decided to treat myself after a working so hard this year. I am so blessed that I get to travel as much as I do.


GC: What is one thing that we would be surprised to know about you?

JM: That I am the world’s biggest nerd (think superheroes and comic books) and most days I live in sweatpants.


Thank you Jessica!



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