24 Hours in LA To See The Demi Lovato Marriott Rewards Concert

One thing I love most about being my own boss is having full control of my schedule. When I worked full time for another company, it always drove me crazy that someone else had authority over my freedom, and could easily stop me from getting to take part in an amazing opportunity, especially one that had come through my (then) side hustle, my blog. Now that I work for myself and blog full-time, it always makes me extra happy when I can say YES! to any opportunity I want, even when it’s the chance to fly to L.A. for 24 hours, with about 24 hours advance notice.

I think, because of travelling so much with my family as a kid, I’ve become the type of person who is always down to go anywhere at anytime. Seriously, if you ask me to jump in the car with you and go on an impromptu, whirlwind road trip, there’s a very good chance I’ll say yes. Unless, of course, you are a total strange in an unmarked van, in which case I will probably run away and call the police.

Anyway! When my friends at Marriott Rewards got in touch a couple weeks ago on a Tuesday with the offer to fly to L.A. on that Thursday to see the exclusive Demi Lovato Marriott Rewards concert that night, my answer was a very obvious ‘YASSSS!!”, and I quickly hustled to throw together a carry-on bag with everything I needed (an art form I seem to have perfected over the past couple of years of non-stop travel for work and fun).

Marriott International, Inc. and Universal Music Group teamed up in September to offer an exclusive performance for Marriott Rewards members featuring non other than powerhouse songstress, Demi Lovato and DNCE. I was extremely lucky to be able to fly down with my blogger hubby, Daniel Reyes of DoTheDaniel.com, and experience everything together.

Watch the candid video below (shot on my Samsung Galaxy S7)  to see what we got up to on our trip!



As soon as we landed, we were picked up by our friend Lesli from Lacoste who showed us around and drove us first to Abbot Kinney where we had lunch at The Butcher’s Daughter, then to Santa Monica where we got to put our feet in the Pacific Ocean. After a good amount of sightseeing, we checked in at the Marriott Courtyard L.A. Live, right in the centre of downtown L.A. In a city where you have to drive everywhere, it was so nice to be able to get to stay at a Marriott hotel that’s directly located across from L.A. Live so we could walk right over to the concert – unheard of in LA!

Downtown Los Angeles (or #DTLA) is a funny place. It’s unlike many cities where ‘downtown’ signifies the hub of activity. In L.A., it’s quite the opposite and the area is really quite sparse, with early signs of gentrification that will guarantee a drastic change within the next five years. Still, there are places to go, and Daniel and I were so happy to enjoy an amazing dinner at Faith and Flower around the corner from the Marriott Courtyard L.A. Live, and decided to try The Original Pantry Cafe for breakfast in the morning.

As seen in the video, the Demi Lovato and DNCE concert was set up right in the middle of L.A. Live so that one thousand Marriott Rewards members could attend an exclusive outdoor concert that was open only to them. The entire production was so well done, and Demi’s voice was INCREDIBLE.

Daniel and I had an absolute blast and we were so happy to be there, and enjoy the experience together.

Thank you Marriott Rewards!!



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