If you saw my recent post on loving (and owning) animals, even when you’re allergic to them, then you’ll already know that I inherited an adorable little cat named Emmy just before Christmas last year. It really didn’t take long for us to fall in love with her, and it’s hard to imagine our home without her, even in the short time we’ve had her so far.

Although there isn’t much that I would complain about when it comes to having her at #CasaGC, there is one obvious thing (aside from my slight allergy to her), and that’s the inevitable array of odours that tend to come along with housing a pet.


Thankfully she’s quite a stink-less little lady, especially since she’s an indoor cat. The problem for me really comes in with her kitty litter – the scent of kitty litter has been one that’s always highly disturbed me, even since I was a little kid.

For this reason you can find areas in my home nearest to her litter box fully equipped with every kind of air freshener, especially thanks to the new Unstopables collection, which literally provides me with every kind of air freshener I could ever need to avoid the real scent of her litter ever reaching my nostrils.


Does it hurt that the branding involves two of my favourite colours (black and pink)? Absolutely not. And as someone who is a bit of a candle-hoarder, probably my favourite item of the collection of odour-fighting products is the lovely Unstopables pink candle that no only looks great when added to your decor, but smells amazing too!

As you can see here I’ve got mine piled high on top of a few of my favourite books, including Nate Berkus‘ fabulous book ‘The Things That Matter’. Nate also happens to be the spokesperson for Unstopables, and believes that it’s not just about lighting a candle – it’s about styling your world through scent. To be honest, I couldn’t agree more! So many of our memories are shaped and triggered by scent, so why attach a wonderful scent to the memories created in your home?

Are you a fan of styling your home through scents? Leave a comment and let me know what your favourite scents are and why!








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