How to identify and mix the primary colours is one of our first lessons in elementary school. Designer Philip Sparks goes back to basics, and takes us through a refresher course on red, yellow and blue by way of his Spring/Summer 2013 accessories collection, launched this Monday.

As always, stepping into Sparks’ Tailored Goods store feels like a step into the past. Whimsical nostalgia washes over me as I peruse the designer’s presentation of two-tone brogues, and their canvas of powder blue, canary yellow and classic tan. This shoe is the sort that you know Fred Astaire would have bought in each of the three available colours.

Other classic men’s styles comprising the collection are a leather loafer and deck shoe, done in timeless black and tan, as well as Sparks’ spring palette of primary hues. Of the footwear, it is the fire engine-red deck shoe that I simply cannot walk past. I am in a mesmerized state — it calls out to me:  “Yes…you need me. Now.”  I plead with the shoe: “But I’m a woman, and you’re a men’s shoe; it could never work between us.” The shoe responds: “Find a way.”  And I shall — what a clever little shoe!

I continue my stroll through the presentation, and find my way to lace up brogues and a mid-heel sandal. Each embody Sparks’ beautiful foray into ladies footwear. My attention is once again stolen and swept away by the soft, buttery leather of a canary yellow brogue. Their texture is so that they feel as if they might melt into the palms of my hands.  Equally as sweet is a small purse-shape shoulder bag done in the same hue. Not typically a girl who is inclined to match my shoes with my handbag, pairing up is a tempting choice in this instance.

Other standouts in this seductive collection of accessories include a dreamy-cream canvas tote with pops of colour found in it’s yellow handles, electric-sky blue leather base, and the stamped leather Sparks signature in red. Accessory gluttons will find it difficult to resist nabbing tab belts in every one of Sparks’ glorious shades. They are after all the ideal finishing touch to a perfectly put together outfit. And, for those in the market for an iPad and/or laptop case that will last well beyond current fashion trends, technology never look as timeless as when encased within one of these canvas beauties, complete with classic leather trimmings. The only problem (as with about every accessory in Sparks’ collection) will be choosing a colour.

The age of chivalry may be over, but the days of the dapper gentleman and elegant lady have returned at the hands of Philip Sparks.

Published October 17, 2012