The fall season is widely celebrated as the best time of year to make a fashion statement. The reason? Temperature.

While the chill in the air may be strong enough to shake a few leaves off the trees, it’s not so cool outdoors that you can’t have a little fun with your choice of layers. As every clothing lover knows, the months of September and October are sacred; they’re not about being too warm to wear this coat or that pant or too cold to not stack on this sweater and that scarf, during these months of the year, style outweighs practicality.

That said, as the trends would have it, this fall, it’s all about keeping your neck warm and your style bright. No matter what your tastes, our roundup of this season’s runway trends, guarantees something unique and trendy for tastes of all sizes…checking account sizes that is.


The colours of fall are traditionally rich and moody, and this year is no different. What’s new though, is the runway’s preferred shade: ochre.

Reminiscent of Prada, this harvest tone is intrinsically tied to the roots of the Italian aesthetic. It’s no wonder why this shade waltzes into trend every now and then.

This season, ochre popped its head back onto the runway in a variety of forms. Take a cue from the catwalk and have fun with the colour in its many available varietals this fall. We prefer to see the shade colouring unique cuts, like an overall style, and paired with bold complementary tones, such as a rich burgundy.



Nothing announces Father Winter’s looming presence like the onset of suede accents.

From what we saw on the FW’15 runways, this season, you can either go with the usual touches of suede—perhaps a belt or a pair of booties—or, you could go full cowgirl and opt for a skirt, a dress, a jacket, or our favourite: fitted suede pants.

Whatever piece of clothing you choose, the addition of suede into your fall wardrobe will add warmth and turn heads. Stick with darker shades, like moss, brown or black, for classic appeal…and easy up keep!



We are always a sucker for a bow be it on shoes, pinned into hair or as this season’s trends would have us do, tied around the neck.

With “pussy bows” taking over the store racks as rapidly as they frequented the FW’15 runways, your office wardrobe just got a little more interesting. At once oozing feminine sophistication, there’s a masculine appeal to the look that gives it complexity in a trousers and suspenders ensemble.

The versatility of the pussy bow means, however you prefer to wear it, you can’t go wrong with this trend. May we suggest trying it as the accent to a girly dress? Think Doris Day.



Stay cozy and cool at the same time.

High-necked pieces aren’t just for under layers to keep us warm, not any more. Turns out dad knew what he was doing when he continued to build his collection of turtlenecks. A staple on a multitude of runways this season, high necklines are “it” this fall—be they sleeveless or knit, worn alone or layered, no closet should be left without a turtleneck of sorts come September.

Given their naturally flattering shape, which plays with our silhouette to create a chic look, a solid colour top would do especially well at elongating the neck. Then simply layer on textured coat and watch as your high-neck starts to turn heads.



With more layers comes more jewelry, or in the case of this season, we should say bigger jewelry.

On the runway, large intricate shoulder grazing earrings were seen paired with equally large and intricate necklaces. For everyday wear, try the earrings—chandelier or dusters—alone for a bold look that doesn’t read overdone.

Whether you’re sporting the high neck trend detailed above or a plunging V come date night, a statement pair of earrings can add some real pow to your outfit. The more loudly creative the design, the better.



It goes without saying that this classic boot style is a perennial favourite. This season, old faithful gets a boost in the colour department to secure its spot on fall 2015’s must-have-list.

Do as the runway models did this season, and add a more dramatic boot to your collection of brown and black. Rather than choose yet another shade of boot that blends (to the point of disappearing) into your outfit, experiment with something new and different, like a crisp white or a vibrant red.

With a silhouette that adds subtle edge to every look, a boldly coloured Chelsea boot is what all the cool kids will be wearing this season when kicking up fall leaves…and excitement.