Finding the perfect sunglasses for your face shape can be a tricky process when you’re not sure what to look for. Choosing the right pair of sunglasses is a lot like choosing the right pair of jeans. They can perfectly compliment your facial features or they can draw attention to all the wrong places.

Derive inspiration from fashion icon Alexa Chung’s fearless choices in sunglasses and opt for one of this season’s hottest trends like sexy cat-eye frames from Stella McCartney, thick round frames from Warby Parker, or go for a perennial favourite, classic Ray-Bans Wayfarers.

To aid you in the your hunt for a pair of go-to shades, we chatted with L.A.- based celebrity-stylist, April Steiner, and picked her brain about which styles look best with what shaped faces, where sunglasses should fall on your nose, which brands are hot right now, and all the other details you’ll want to equip yourself with before purchasing your next pair of sunglasses.


What style of sunglasses looks best on different each face shape?

If you have a heart-shaped face, the best frame for you will be cat eye frames. For an oval face, an oversized Jackie O style is the best. Should your face be square-shaped, round frames always seem to look the best. While, if you have a round face, you are in luck because any frame will suit you!

Does it matter if your eyebrows are covered? I’ve heard that look isn’t the best on people.

Having your eyebrows completely covered is not the most flattering look.

Where should glasses rest on your nose?

I always find that your sunnies should rest right below the bridge of your nose.

With all eyes on where one’s sunglasses are resting, what frames suit what types of noses?

If you have a tiny nose, sometimes the larger heavier frames don’t work and if you have a larger nose, the wire smaller frames usually don’t work and nose guards are not a great choice because they will leave marks. However, the size of your nose doesn’t dictate the style of glasses you choose, it more so dictates the material.

What are some of your fave current sunglass trends?

The oversized Jackie O and oversized cat eye frames. Another trend are the wooden frames and frames with embellishments like retro flowers (check out Prada‘s Poeme model). Trending now are also mirrored aviators —hot hot hot! Neon accents and gradation in frame colour are also trending! And then there are the classics: the aviator and wayfarer…always a go-to!

What are some of your preferred sunglasses brands?

The brands I love are: Ray-Bans, great quality and always look chic; Oliver Peoples are always up to par, last forever and are never too heavy; and there are a ton of amazing sunglass finds at Anthropologie too, very unique frames at great prices. Also, Opening Ceremony glasses are beautifully crafted and unique — best retro styles I’ve seen.

Whatever brand or type of shade you decide on, always try to take a risk with sunglasses! They’re fun to wear and can pull your entire look together, so take a chance!

Published August 1, 2013