Strong, feminine and beautiful, Gal Gadot summons the spotlight wherever she goes, regardless of whether its in army fatigues, a Miss Israel crown or while starring on the big screen in this summer’s Fast & Furious 6.

The international audience first met Gadot — who hails from Rosh Ha’Ayin, Israel — back in 2007, when she became the instant star of Maxim magazine’s controversial “Women of the Israel Defence Forces” swimsuit editorial. One of a pack of bikini clad women from the Israel Defense Forces (yes, she’s military trained!), this former Miss Israel (who went on to represent her country in the 2004’s Miss Universe pageant) became the face of the shoot — thanks in part to her image being picked up for the cover of the New York Post. The instant fame spurred on by the spread, quickly transitioned into a career in Hollywood, beginning with Fast & Furious (the series’ 4th instalment) in 2009 and guest spots on shows, including HBO’s Entourage, known for lovely faces passing in and out of the storyline. (In this case, a role for Gadot as one of the many beautiful girls found hanging off of show lead Adrian Grenier’s character’s arm).

As for the Fast and the Furious, the actress joined the franchise as Gisele Yashar, a one-time Mossad agent and former Mexican drug cartel member, who crosses over to the good side, bringing along with her a handy background in weapons knowledge. Cast alongside Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster, the high speed ladies of the Fast and the Furious give Bond girls a run for their money.

Gadot rejoins the series in its latest release, Fast & Furious 6 — in theatres May 24th — which means of course red carpet premieres, or in other words: dress up time. Interested in gleaning some how-to style tips from the former beauty queen, we chatted with Gadot recently about her everyday beauty regime, as well as her red carpet style, and learned that the actress’s own beauty philosophies aren’t so far from that of her low-maintenance character’s, philosophies which also happen to suit the season’s trends.

As Gadot shares with us, she’s not one for hiding under a heavy mask of makeup; for this natural beauty, it’s all about highlighting what you’ve got, and what better way to do that than with the spring/summer season’s preferred palette of nudes.

A model, as well as an actress, the 28-year-old Gadot doesn’t let her glamorous career path dictate her take on beauty. Gadot is not one to waste time over primping, she’s got a toddler at home after all, which means no time to fuss about with layers of eye makeup. Lucky for Gadot, as we saw from the red carpet at the Fast & Furious 6 premieres in London and Los Angeles already, she doesn’t need much in the beauty department to look stunning.

Below, Gadot divulges her must-have beauty items, and how she achieves her red carpet ready beauty look with only the bare minimum in her makeup kit.



As the former Miss Israel, what’s the best beauty secret you learned during your pageant days that you still value and use today?

I’m a big fan of a good diet and healthy lifestyle. Its important to eat a lot of vegetables, drink a lot of water and stay active. I believe that what we put in our bodies will reflect on the outside. Start from the inside out, I like that.

In terms of what we put on our face, what’s the one beauty product every woman should invest in?

Vine Vera (originated from grapes). The skin care collection is made with the antioxidant resveratrol [extracted from red wine]. I use the products every morning and every night. It leaves my skin feeling amazing!

In your opinion, what’s an easy way to transition from your usual day time beauty look to the perfect evening look?

Red lipstick. It’s very quick and effective.

And very Hollywood glam! Who is your beauty idol and what about her beauty looks inspires your own look?

Monica Bellucci. She has a beautiful presence that is rare and inspiring.

What beauty items can we find in your purse?

Mascara, red lipstick, bronzer and concealer.

Pretty minimalist. When it comes to a makeup look, is less more in your opinion?

Less is more. I prefer a more natural look on myself.

The woman of the Fast and the Furious are anything but girly girls. Is it a fun change to skip extended time in hair and makeup and play a tough broad like Gisele?

Yes! Although I’m not a hit girl or a crazy driver, I definitely relate to Gisele. I love women that have a strong presence and opinion. We don’t always need to hide under heavy makeup.

Any similarities between your fashion and beauty sense and that of Gisele’s?

Yes, Gisele and I have very similar style: simple and classic.

On the topic of simple looks, what do you make of this season’s preferred nude trend?

I prefer the nude trend myself. I like red lips for night, but for the day I wear nudes.

Your always stunning on the red carpet. What are you planning style-wise for all your upcoming Fast & Furious 6 premiere events?

I’m going to be wearing some thing very sleek and sexy, but elegant.

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