Vintage shoppers get ready, there’s a new shop in town! Los Angeles based stylists, Devon Rogers and Krissie Torgerson, are thrilled to announce the launch of their new collaboration, an online vintage boutique eponymously named, Devon|Krissie.

The user-friendly online shop offers customers unique vintage finds for both men and women, ranging in decades. Customers visiting Devon|Krissie will find a constant flow of timeless designer fashions from around the world including a Gucci raincoat that will have you wishing for dark clouds and a Balmain cocktail dress your closet will cherish for years to come. And, for a limited time, FILLER readers will receive 15% of purchases with our exclusive discount code: DKxFiller.

A quick perusal through the online shop’s virtual racks, and it’s clear that Devon|Krissie — armed with a refined level of taste — aims to fill the void in online vintage shopping, providing customers hand-selected, tailored pieces, with special attention paid to finding items with unique and quality detailing, fabric and design.

Itching to get shopping, we chatted with shop owners Rogers and Torgerson to get the scoop on their fashion inspirations, their favourite vintage styles and who should shop at Devon|Krissie.

What inspired you to open a vintage clothing shop?

Krissie: It’s something we had talked about for a while. We really want to use it more as a jumping off point to expand into other things.

Devon: I’ve always been a hoarder when it comes to vintage, when I find something I like, I buy it. Finding something I like becomes way too easy for me; this is a good and bad thing. So it only makes sense to start a store, and hopefully it turns into something more. I want to share my treasures with the world!

What styles do you look for when stocking the shop?

K: Unique designs, designers, just something that you can’t find anywhere else.

D: Luckily Krissie and I have similar tastes and ideas making it easier for a cohesive direction. Pretty much chic and cool.

Do you specialize in a specific era?

K: Not really. It’s hard to say. I personally love dresses from the ’20s, and I’m way into ’70s style silk deep-v dresses

D: I love things from all eras. But for myself and what I like to wear, I love ’50s Cuban-style high waisted loose pants worn with tucked in open collar silk shirts. I think this looks good for both men and women. I will forever love the ’70s for women, especially a YSL and Halston girl. Right now, I want everything to be made out of silk, I love how it hangs on the body.

Is the shop a place for the average shopper or more so a place for stylists?

K: Anyone! We don’t discriminate!

D: Everyone and anyone can shop here.

How does your personal style influence the collections sold in store?

K: I’m not sure mine does so much, there are totally things I would want for myself, but for me it’s more about finding interesting chic pieces.

D: Some of the men’s clothing has my personal influence, but not everything. Cool men’s vintage is harder to find and that’s the reason we even started to do mens — we just like to be unique. As for womens, we definitely have items I would wear if I was one.

What is the most unique clothing piece you have in your store?

K: Hard to say. There’s this super-cool structured dress I’m obsessed with, or this old Gucci “spa robe” for men.

D: In womens, a 1960s Pierre Balmain dress, and this really cool structured dress. Looks like something you would have seen from Balenciaga made out of neoprene (wet suit material) a few season back. From our mens collection, I love the black silk pants. I’m pretty simple these days.

What vintage jewelry can shoppers expect to find?

K: We don’t do jewelry right now. We may add bags and hats in the next drop.

D: No accessories yet. Probably in the near future. Also expect bags and hats.

What vintage styles are on trend right now?

K: Our men’s prints remind me of Dries Van Noten, and there’s a ruffle cape that would have fit right in with the new Viktor&Rolf couture show.

D: Seems like a lot of the floral and tropical prints are still big and we’re all over the resort and mens SS 2014 shows. The shorts for men keep getting bigger and bigger, so much volume with all those pleats — very ’80s. The pants as well, and I love it!

Which famous celebrities would shop there?

K: Ones with good taste?

D: They all should.

What are your thoughts on mixing vintage fashion with modern trends?

K: Def! Almost every modern trend is a rip off of the past. I think you should always just wear what you want, go with your gut. My only recommendation is don’t wear high low anything!

D: Always. It’s the easiest way to create a look all your own. Who wants to be a label? My only advice is don’t take anything too literally and always contradict.

Published August 8, 2013